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Somone on Zerohedge posted a prediction as a comment to this story:


Originally posted 1/6/2022. Take it with a grain of salt:

"I know most want to believe that enough people have woken up to the Covid scam, and that the people behind the curtains are being forced to retreat and let the scam become a footnote in history. Unfortunately this is exactly what they want you to believe.

The plan for worldwide depop has been in the works for decades. The plandemic was simply the first phase. They scared billions into injecting a slow kill weapon into their own bodies using the common cold. The actual percentage vaccinated is not as high as they are telling you, obviously. Around 2/3 of the world population has committed slow suicide via the shots.

The reason they were so blatant in their censoring and blacklisting? They knew a percentage would see the hoax clearly, and that over a year or two, those who saw it would awaken others. I can tell you it happened more quickly than they believed it would. They were expecting compliance for 4 boosters. This is not going to happen.

That said, this is what will happen in the next year. A war between Russia and NATO. Power outages and food shortages in the US, blamed on cyber terrorists. Multiple false flags blaming patriotic Americans in the hopes of scaring the large majority of patriots to stay quiet.

The mass die off that has already begun will accelerate this Spring. They will blame this on new variants, but as the public is seeing the hoax plainly, many of the deaths will be called unexplainable, while alluding to the fact that the MRNA vaxx could have played a role.

By the end of 2022, there will be over 20 million dead in the USA alone. Another few hundred million around the globe. The economy will be mostly fried and in 2023, or possibly late 2022, the dollar will fall. Global monetary reset will begin.

The goal is to have a world digital currency in place by 2025. By that time the MRNA deaths will be over a billion worldwide, a hundred million in the US... so large that no longer will the vaxx be mentioned, but at that point they will pull out the "we are all in this together" line and the world will fall in line. They will admit they rushed the MRNA tech and it was a mistake, but in the face of the "pandemic", it was warranted.

By 2028, 2/3 of world population is gone. Global climate change lockdowns are the norm. New vaccines have been introduced that will stop the massive human die off. These are more kill shots, but will he embraced by a desperate humanity.

By 2030, totalitarian world govt is in place. Only 2 billion left on earth, and that is dropping fast. Elite have built built domed cities where they say it is safe. Entrance requires total compliance, chipped and Neuralinked. No freedom."

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What is the article you mentioned about chip supply surplus?

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Your timeline here - I agree with the general procedure of operations, but it seems very fast. What makes you say these things with such certainty?

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Of course, its all so clear to those of us with eyes and a well tuned ear


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what's disturbing me this week is this alienisation of Russian sports people.

they are no more responsible for the actions of their country than you are, no one chooses where they are born or the actions of their countrymen.

this is another powerful attempt at othering and the sheep are lapping it up like 'good Nazis'

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