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WOW!! Actually DOUBLE WOW.

You know we might even start asking the question, because in a few years we will be able to ask it and answer it accurately is enough "transparency" occurs, notice how this is one of their favorite words now, but anyway, not how many people has the non-vaccine injection killed, but how many will it kill?

"You aren’t necessarily going to get all of those or even any of them if you have the vaccine. But those are the possible side effects that the FDA has listed. They’re all unpleasant, most of them very serious and you can’t get more serious than death."

Quite a list! I admit I did have to look up "Kawasaki" disease, because I had forgotten about that one. Never did have a patient with it, as far as I know.

I myself did have "Ducati" disease. And just like "Kawasaki" disease, it has about a 1-2% fatality rate. Fortunately I escaped with only 4 breaks in my shoulder. Never forget the lady ER doctor asking me to rate the pain on a scale of 0 to 10. I told here "It's about a 3.5, maybe 4."

She said "Son, your shoulder is broken in FOUR PLACES!"

"Not a kidney stone!" was my reply.


Doctor Coleman had said that all the worlds governments are being intentionally screwed up so that we might gladly accept the New World Order. Not sure about that strategy, but combined with WW III, what choice would we have?

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Bruce Willis has "aphasia" and I'm wondering if he took the vaXXX? Aphasia is a condition that happens suddenly after a medical incident like a stroke.

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This is an amazing compilation of sources. Thank you for all this work!

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