By the way, I am Westchester Community College alumni.... in other words, not indoctrinated

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Huge. Huge. Huge.

Good work...God's work

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Well, that explains a lot. That linked article was like pulling back the curtain and seeing the Wizard of Oz.

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Hidden in plain sight, taxes are not the major source of "funds" for these WEFs. Every government has the power to "create" money out of thin air -- in the United States, Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 spells it out -- and so-called "legitimate" money creation was ceded to the federal reserve (not federal, no reserve) in 1913 after several (that generation before) "WEFs", (including Sen Aldrich, Rockefeller maternal kin) wrote the federal reserve act (FRA) in 1909, described in "Creature from Jekyll Island". However the "dark money" somehow that DOD or other agencies somehow obtained and "spent" is not mysterious in the context of any national (and sometimes local) government's ability to create money or scrip.

Well, every country, whether explicit or implicit, has their own power to create money. That every country has "banks" and farm some of that money creation to them, put into circulation in the form of debt, are attempts to make debt and welfare slaves out of citizenry. Some countries don't place as much emphasis on creating debt (loans) to create credits that become part of M1.

It doesn't have to be that way (debt/credit money creation cycle). There are monetary reform groups trying to change the laws -- but how does one stop infiltration by the WEFs if much of the world's governments are already infiltrated? Temptation to the WEFs is powerful incentive -- assuming they are not being intimidated.

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