They always keep just enough information concealed so that they can fill in the blanks the way they want by innuendo. Narrative over truth.

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Distraction from ...... Hunter?? Taiwan??? Inflation bull crap bill??? All of the above and don't forget the border. Oh yes...Ukraine too

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How do they know what’s in the boxes since it gives box numbers unless the boxes were sent to Trump and catalogued?

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I wonder about Trumps (audio/video) security camera system. Indoor? likely, outdoor? of course. How epic it would be for Trump to release hidden (indoor) camera/audio footage of the Feds climbing around, looking into every nook and cranny ! I think this whole shit show is going to be EPIC in favor of Trump. Trump is so savvy he likely placed a mole into FBI, NSA and CIA long long before he even ran for President. He is likely 10 steps ahead in every direction.

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If this were such a dire emergency, why did the agents spend the weekend playing in Palm Beach?

Sooo important they didn’t do this within 24 hours?

It’s all more bs to plant something, make more trouble for DJT and give the libs more ammunition(tho all fake!). Sickining. This is NOT the country in which I grew up! Kennedy let us know how dishonest the FBI and all three letter agencies were. He was going to expose them and disband. See how far he got!😢 RFK was also on a path to clean up and he was killed also!😡

(Yes, I’m old and remember all of this. 2nd year of college when JFK a was murdered.)

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All former POTUS retain a TS clearance or better (better is more likely) in order to confer with sitting POTUS on sensitive matters if needed.

Further, all classification and clearance determinations flow from the POTUS. All meaning 100 percent. Not from the Pentagon, the Intel agencies, or the bureaucracy. From POTUS.

The Administrative State is once again throwing excrement against the wall. Classic propaganda. Our fellow citizens fall for it every time.

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Aug 12, 2022·edited Aug 12, 2022

“To determine if the search or seizure was valid, these questions must be answered:

-Was the warrant issued by a neutral and detached judicial officer?

-Was the warrant based on an affidavit establishing probable cause?

-Did the warrant describe the place to be searched?

-Did the warrant describe the items or persons to be seized with particularity?”


I’m thinking no. 4 doesn’t seem to be addressed in the warrant.

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Records created between January 2017 and January 2021-seems over broad. I'm not a lawyer but I would think they would need to have probable cause that at the crime or conspiracy began on the first day of his presidency and lasted until the last day. That affidavit should prove to be a good read (fictional of course) Its called creative writing.

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The acronym of interest is probably the caveat CNWDI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_Nuclear_Weapon_Design_Information

or possibly the caveat FRD ("Formerly Restricted Data").

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They will probably also claim a CI cannot be revealed hence the predicate must remain classified or some other garbage.

If the affidavit material relates to national security and military secrets then why was the DOJ and the Epstein judge allowed to operate in this realm without the requisite clearances?

Shouldn’t the military have processed the warrant or been a party to it?

Term for the day: Specious Predicate

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