I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s important:

When will people do historical research and find out that anytime you inject anything into your body, you’re on a highway to hell.

Never in the history of mankind has injecting poisons into your body given you better health.

Quite the opposite. They’ve maimed and killed. Read and learn:

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations https://a.co/d/cfvx9Q6

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History https://a.co/d/coVuit4

- George William Winterburn, PhD, MD, The Value of Vaccination: A Non-partisan Review of Its History and Results, 1886

- History and Pathology of Vaccination, Edgar R. Crookshank, 1889

- Charles Creighton, Jenner and Vaccination. A Strange Chapter of Medical History, 1889

We’ve known for well over 120 years the concept of vaccination is a fraud concept.

And yet the populace of today (being dumbed down by design) have their heads buried in the sand and believe the corrupt media’s story of blaming these deaths on everything else under the sun except the obvious. What a pity.

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TY 2nd,

For the record, I lost a full term baby daughter due to the anesthetist (MD on call on the Sunday

turning his communications device off during a golf game) and as he was very late, baby died.

I learned the truth from his wife, a fellow student, while talking about this and that. What a freaky

coincidence. The MD went incognito to play an uninterrupted golf game on an August Sunday

morning. I was fed BS about a heart defect, the paperwork was altered (discovered years later) and

I was strongly encouraged (still being affected by anesthesia) to give the corpse to the university

for research "to help save other babies" in the future. They destroyed the evidence and altered

the records. I was most outraged.

Why would I tell anyone this? To go on to say the outrage of victims of a lab made disorder

and victims of a deadly vax have had their lives ruined or died. What are their family members

left with but the utmost of grief and regret? Grandparents left to die in isolation, and hospital

"protocols" are inhuman. The protocols are essentially murder. I am a retired RN/30 yr. practice.

I know full well what happened to the frail elderly, and it was a form of torture. To lose a child?

The grief over that loss is monumental. IMHO those actively creating the protocols and vax push

are culpable and guilty of mass murder. What should happen to people who received financial

incentives (big $ don't forget) for patients that died or are harmed for life? Plenty of consequences.

Now the big-wigs are trying to play it down. Oop, we were in error. Not so fast, say I.

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They want you dead. They’ve wanted you dead for a long, long time. They just couldn’t come up with a seeming innocuous way to accomplish that goal. Now they have.

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And to keep the Mammon-machine going, they are attempting to herd those remaining into the panopticon-CBDCs.

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And, now they are ratcheting up the fear mongering for the latest 'scariant':


The only cure? Moar cowbell er...“bivalent” vaccine boosters from Pfizer and Moderna!

What happens when they run out of stupid people to kill? 👀

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typo/correction alert!!!!

in the section ‘takes 5 months to kill’ it says vaccination started dec 8 2021. that should be corrected to the year 2020.

also, i crunched the numbers to compare to the 1in 73 vaccinated deaths using the ONS statistics. because i need context to understand that kind of figure. so january 2021 to may 2022 the data shows that 1 in 172.09 unvaccinated persons died vs 1 in 73 vaccinated. (18,911,191 = number of unvaccinated. 109,891 all cause deaths in unvaccinated)

great article. thanks for sharing!

with all this data it’s hard to believe this nonsense continues.

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The happy go lucky "dolts botching shit" theory (thanks, Sage Hana,) would imply that rather than the government knowing a bunch of people would die off, they took the attitude of the VRBPAC member at the first kid's mRNA approval and went "We won't know how effective the shots are until we start giving them."

I lean more towards the malicious apex parasite theory where it was deliberate, though

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The FDA VAERS reporting system says over 30,000 have died from the mRNA injections and millions have been harmed. The truth is that it is vastly under reporting the true rate of harm and deaths. The answer lies somewhere between 20 and 100 times what is reported. Easily, over 1 million Americans have died from the injections and the wrong medical treatment.

When Pfizer and J & J is held harmless and there is no liability issues, it is full speed ahead to experiment on the American public. There is no risk for producing mRNA injections that trick the immune system and reprogram cellular function on a random non-controlable basis. The over 1000 different disease states that the Pfizer test subjects experienced confirms this. Since 200 million Americans got the injections, the 3 to 5% who have had adverse reactions seem to be of little concern to the NIH, FDA and the CDC. The belief that this is being done “for the greater good” justifies their position. More harm has been created with the directed medical treatment pushed by the CDC than the negative outcomes from the virus.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a comprehensive, well-sourced, easy to understand guide of the most important information available to (hopefully) re-educate the brainwashed subjects of this genocidal nightmare.

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I may have missed it, but do you have any information on the amount of deaths and adverse effects caused by the killer jab in Canada?

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Of course the government , every government, knew it. Why else did they pull out all the stops to coerce everyone into getting a shot and censoring every discussion that went against their narrative? Because it was nothing more THAN a narrative - a work of fiction. A tall tale. A lie. A deception. An evil.

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Doormen come and go – they are, after all, disposable. The owners – those who control what happens in the building – retain their positions over the long term… and may remain anonymous, if they so choose.

We find this simple concept easy enough to understand, and yet we chronically have difficulty in understanding that, in most countries, the president, or prime minister, is not by any means the man who makes the big decisions in the running of the country.

We assume that, because we were allowed to vote for our leader, he must actually be our leader. But, as Mark Twain has at times been credited as saying, "If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it."

The military industrial complex continues to enjoy perpetual warfare, so that they can supply armaments to the government for unnecessary conflicts. Big Pharma enjoys legislation that forces people to be vaccinated against their will and accept outrageously high prices for medications that are generally inexpensive to produce.


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I feel like an idiot.

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Am I wrong in thinking that the narrative "safe and effective" is exactly the same as "you're all just going in the building for a shower", and the depths of depravity that a government will sink, to facilitate mass compliance? We are living in a redux of Nazi Germany. I don't want to diminish the horror, terror, torture, and death perpetrated upon the Jews by the Nazi regime - I'm merely pointing out it's the same methodology of compliance.

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Some of the data is related Apples to apples such as per 100K people and some isn't. Some of that is population totals. If 90% are vaxed and 90% in ICU'S with covid are vaxed, it doesn't mean much. But if 95% in ICU's were vaxed, then it shows negative benefit to the vaxed, maybe if the cohorts are similar.

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