Who thinks this idiot knows anything about medicine or genetics. He wrote crappy code. He's a con artist

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The deranged medicine men working for the Gates gang are in a race with the war mongers to see who turns the world dark! These two evil groups are accelerating the sixth extinction on earth! Mother Earth will renew it self in time! Balance of nature is being destroyed in so many ways because man has the hubris to believe he can improve on God’s design!

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Gates is & always has been a talentless retard, who comes from a family of eugenisists, his mother worked with IBM who created computers to aid the Nazi's in their rounding up & mass murder sacrifices of Jewish ppls which was also designed to terrify other Jews into fleeing to Isreal to usher in Zionism. I believe his father founded or had a big role in Planned Parenthood mass murder clinics.

Gates was expelled from Uni & has no degree, in fact he probably only has a mediocre high school education at best & is obviously coached in what he says on camera when he's expected to say anything on behalf of his masters.

He had no meaningful contribution to Microsoft & this has been exposed by many. I doubt he can write any computer code & wouldn't know it if he tripped up on it - he's a hollow media creation, shunted from one 'career' to the next, given money like Epstein whom he was in league with, to make him seem more important than he is.

He doesn't even have the intelligence to think up the ghastly schemes he fronts for his satanic overlords & even his boxer-faced man-wife left him - no doubt she got paid a heap to marry the maggot in the first place.

His other scam creation CEPI which is touted as the future of vaccines aka mass murder is Latin for 'I Took' or 'I Captured'


This vile creature is behind every scam going including the destruction of 70,000 acres of beautiful forest in California that he wants felled & buried to counteract the lie of the century known as Climate Change.

Yes, the climate changes, it always has & always will & it was way hotter in the recent past than it is now. In the 70's they told us we were all going to freeze - now we're all going to roast - whatever

I believe there were & still are warrants out for his arrest in India where he experimented & destroyed the health of beautiful tribal girls he left dead & paralyzed for life with his filthy dirty jabs.

Yet the satanists keep pushing him out in front of the cameras to sell deathvaxxes to the public over & over again when this worm is the living embodiment of the grim reaper who's vile jabs are the equivalent of a free ticket on the Titanic - that doesn't include a place in a lifeboat.


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The Gates Gangster League will do all in their power to eradicate the annoying humans on the African continent who stand in the way of mineral exploitation and another colonial land grab. Doesn't THEIR playbook seem much too obvious to consider as 'secret' or 'conspiratorial' any longer?

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The only thing Gates is interested in doing is depopulating the earth of these demons call the "useless eaters" which just happen to be the poor, elderly and disabled.

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Sociopath and philanthropath deluxe.

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greatest trick the devil ever pulled, convinced the world it was just a fiat money press! Gates is a mix of ignorance and power in his last desperate hour

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This is why Ebola breaks out in Africa. New vaccines are tested on poor, unsuspecting villagers in Africa.

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Bill Gates Terrorist

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His urgency is the downfall of the grand plan. The world was not yet docile enough for blatant needle death. The chem trails were doing just fine and just crept into mankind’s experience. But greedy billy wanted to be alive for the utopia and thought that he was more smart than his forefathers and would quicken the pace. Who’d ah thunk that the human race would be thanking that soulless slime?

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Uh, it's more than just mosquitoes, but they want you to think that it's just the insects considered pests and yet have a myriad of ways to inject us to get their depop agenda accomplished! Ugh! From 2018:


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Oct 15, 2023·edited Oct 15, 2023

Billy Gates didn’t spring out of nowhere to be groomer.

He comes from a line of malthusian psychopaths - his elders on the ground floor of eugenics and klanned parenthoodlums

CSH Labs before they were known as such.

Evil family


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This kind of disclosure of Gates Foundation subversive operations in Africa deserves to be wide spread globally. A bright light needs to be shined upon a great deal of this man’s (Billy Gates) inane actions. Of course, neither MSM nor our politicians will do so. It’s the money again.

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No objection here.

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Here is another company to put on your radar.


Modified mosquitos as well.

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