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I believe what we are seeing develop, or rise as it were, is a rebirth of fascism like Hitler and Mussolini engaged in.


Not a rebirth. Same family. At best 1st cousins, probably incest. Who financed Lenin and Trotsky to create the USSR? Germany and England and Jacob Schiff. Who created Mussolini? England. And Hitler? England and Wall Street and Germans like Thyssen. Technocracy is totalitarian. We exist in a Technocratic world. Bormann moved Reich money to Wall Street with the help of Prescott Bush and Paper Clip moved the science of war to the USA.

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Don't forget Jacob Schiff and the NYC bankers & industrialists financing Lenin, then Stalin, who then told all the German Communists to join the N@ZI party.

You see, after Putin de-N@ZIs his Ukraine blood brothers, he will then proceed to do the rest of Western Europe and North America N@ZIs but with nukes, EMP, bios, chem, not without.

These will be 'multi' layer attacks spaced out over hours/days/even weeks for maximum effectiveness. See Dr. Peter Pry for details.

And China will move against American bases in the Pacific, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, Guam, Okinawa, Diego Garcia, Hawaii, and then Taiwan will peacefully agree to 're-education' as opposed to nuclear incineration, as a matter of fact, they already have.

This will all immediately follow an Iranian "terror" strike on Western Capitols, infrastructure, military comm, satellite networks (sorry Musk) by China/Russia, but especially Jerusalem for 'effect.'

Rapid insertion of Chinese/Russian 'speotznatz' to help in place saboteurs will be required to prevent American reactor meltdowns as well as millions of Chinese troops landing in California/Washington/Oregon as well as the Caribbean, Louisiana, Texas with their pre-positioned equipment there and Mexico, and certain South American locations.

Remember I said how "Operation Paperclip" and the similar plan for Japan's Unit 731 should be re-evaluated historically. They were both "set ups."

This has been the plan for many decades, and was finalized after the "Nixon goes to China" caper implemented by agent #2, Ambassador Henry Kissinger, recruited 1946. Perhaps the most audacious Intel Op of all time, certainly the most successful.

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No, none of this is going to happen and here is why:

The Totalitarians’ Vaccine Miscalculation

"The Self-destruction of 21st Century Totalitarianism"


The Pure Bloods will build a new world after the great die-off is done. The totalitarians that don't die from the vaccine will be hunted like Nazi War criminals... the end.

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European countries used to be separate entities. At first, the politicians who did good for the people were sent to the powerless European parliament. But in the years since I left Europe much has changed. It is quite obvious that the European countries barely exist anymore. All the royal houses, the governments, have been infiltrated by the WEF. (just to name Belgium, king, queen, crown princess, prime minister, vice premier, Netherlands, as you state, already belonged as well, crown princess for sure, and most royal houses come from Germany anyway, all related to queen Victoria). What I do not understand is, that Putin is a WEF member as well, forcefully promoted the vaxx, and keeps playing along with the WHO. In some speeches, he seems to distance himself from it, but then his actions don't follow up on his words.

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Nazism or Fascism , whatever you want to call it is an ideology favored by the Elites. After WWII, when Fascism was declared defeated the Fascists and their pet Eugenics programs needed a cover so they created the Cold War and labelled themselves as Anti-Communists.

Many of them had done business with Nazis and Hitler before and even during the War as heads of corporations or in government (eg Bush, Dulles, Rockefeller, Duponts, etc).

Then of course, you had all the scientists and intelligence officials brought over under Operation Paper Clip who maintained their ideology as they integrated into American society.

The Cold War and the need to rebuild Germany resulted in the release after the Nuremberg trials of Nazi Industrialists and Financiers and reintegrated them into German and Europe economy.

Lastly, the White Russian Emigres and Galician Diaspora and their descendants in US/UK/Europe were violently anti-Bolshevik and in the case of the Galician Diaspora anti-Russian to boot. Many of them are leading government positions today, especially in Canada and even the US. Indeed, the White Russian Emigres connections to the JFK assassination makes you wonder.

Lastly, during recent waves of Jewish immigration from the Soviet Union in 70’s and 80’s to US some were non-Jews who claimed otherwise and were criminals came to US and built up the Russian (Red) Mafia in US. After the Soviet Union broke up they expanded their criminal network to FSU and helped launder Oligarchs billions if not trillions to the US in their plundering of Russia and Ukraines riches. Putin put a stop to the party and some of them want payback and have plenty of money to influence those in power.

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This time we have to cleanse and cauterize the oozing corruption.

Eradicate the perps lineages.

Started w Gates, Soros, Klaus, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Yuval on down the line.

The underground financiers.

All of them.

No running off to Argentina.

Anyone know what Faux Pope Francis lineage is? Who are his parents?

He’s Argentinian. He’s a Globalist. He’s selling out his faith.

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A plateful of control, and at least a double side order of evil.

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Excellent, excellent presentation. Pretty much as it is. Of course I had no idea

of all the facts and only a bit better than general knowledge in respect to the issues presented and it blew my mind. Thank you! Do you think we will have

go back to printing books and leaflets, samizdat like?

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thanks. this is essential. foundational. a good place for the kids to start.

couldn't help but think of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss68sDZimSM

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