The "slow impoverishment of the citizenry" aspect of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate is solely a symptom the mechanism of a far more extensive scam to exponentially owning practically every single thing, include humanity.

Throwing the masses into poverty in the first couple of decades of the scam would have been counter productive and indeed highly more dangerous for the elite parasite caste.

Not only did a large pool of "middle class" wealth vastly increase the growth of the economies they were draining dry, they also needed that highly lucrative buffer period to program the middle class on the teat of their global money printing ponzi scheme to believe that totalitarian socialism was the social justice that was previously so dangerous for Billionaire criminal elite.

The slow impoverishment was fundamentally equivalent to a large river getting shallow as it slowed and widened prior to dropping headlong over a crushing waterfall, the precipice that is coming into the view of those with their eyes and minds open.

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Yes, it wasn't possible to make the move all at once, there would've been way too much resistance. So they rolled out public education, central banks, industrial food, pharma, and mass media in phases. Thru these programs of the last century they've domesticated and dumbed down the population as the vast majority of people can no longer farm, build, navigate, or think for themselves and are dependents. It's been bad for quite a while, but the current generation of young adults are terrifying in their blind obedience to authority and ignorance of basic knowledge. There are many videos online showing interviews of college students who can't do 3rd grade math and know nothing of geography, history, or the sciences. Objective truth is not a thing to them. When confronted with ideas that differ from their ingrained beliefs, they have meltdowns and may become violent on behalf of their masters who have programmed them. These useful idiots are walking straight into a trap.

I'm generalizing of course, but there is a very large contingent who are completely blind to what is happening and believe they are fighting for "justice", "equality", and other virtues as instructed.

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I had a college graduate who was going into Law school tell me after I asked him what 180 divided by 2 was....

....'I'm not good at math'

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Yeah it's crazy how dumbed down people are. I knew a woman working as a cashier in a coffee shop who couldn't make change for a dollar. She was in graduate school for neuroscience.

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Its plain enough that aspects of human nature has made societies susceptible to fall in line with the designs of psychopaths, despite warnings from the past. It is not only the nature of many to be followers, but also the intent of the parasite caste to use that herd mentality as a tool of oppression, where the weak minded are the enforcers.

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True. Most humans are trusting (naive, gullible) by nature. This endearing quality is exploited to no end by the parasitic psychopaths who are so malevolent it's impossible for the normal man to fathom, hence they remain hidden in plain sight right along with all their signs and symbols. What a trick.

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On 9th March ,1933, Roosevelt announced the official bankruptcy of the US and the dissolution of the US federal government. He also declared a banking emergency as a result of insolvency (Emergency Banking Act 1933, Executive Order 6073, 6102, 6111, 6260; Senate Report 93-549, pgs. 187 & 594, 1973).

A new currency was introduced. “The new money (paper promissory notes) is issued to the banks in return for Government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and banker’s acceptances. The new money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation” (Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congressional Record, 1st Session).

In other words every US citizen and all their property were and are collateral securing the national debt.

Let that sink in :((

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The fraud that relies on legal fictions, in particular the Royal/Crown Immunity the Central Banksters have given themselves and those they have appointed to dispossess humanity even of life itself.

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"...dropping headlong over a crushing waterfall, the precipice that is coming into the view of those with their eyes and minds open."

made me think of this clip that cracks me up every time ;)


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In addition: in their Kinds Private Law Legal “Caste” System wherein “Humans”, “Sub Humans” and even now most recently “Trans Humans” have their Form: As their Kind conjured them up on pieces of paper and own those pieces of paper; then the fictional Humans, Sub Humans and Trans Humans must ‘exist’; is that Right and they are “Owned”? No it is not Right at all; for only living men and living women actually exist and it is forbidden to “Own” a living man and a living woman as that would involve Acts of Slavery.. and we all know that all Forms of Slavery are forbidden. But their Kind can “Own” as many “Corporations” as they like and as many Franchises and Usufruct Corporations as they like if their Kind accept full responsibility for all of the losses. Not: There are no Human Beings and Human Doings… only living men and living women… and if those living men and living women, ever want to claim their inheritance, their Remedies and have a Right to Lawfully Claim their Reversionary Trust Interest.., then living men and living women, and only the original live born living men and living women can claim so. All other Commercial Realm and Venue Legal Persons/PERSONS commercial Realm ‘fictional’ “Substitutions” are plumb out of luck. Dead things and made up versions and substitutions for mankind cannot ever possibly be the real living beneficiaries.

For those that believe they are Dogs and other aberrations of a sadly gone wrong ‘Mind’: your landed estates are long gone and those who conjured your Mind into believing in those aberrations of the Mind and made it Legal for you to pretend and to punish those who refused to think and believe as you think… have long ago claimed your landed estates and your Trusts as abandoned and run away laughing with their ill gotten loot. So.. no Remedy and no Restitution available.

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There hasn't been a real audit of US gold reserves in more than 70 years, and many of us suspect that it is near zero...The Treasury and Fed will resist any efforts to discover what they are...But Martin Armstrong points to war as being the primary driver of gold prices..The current rise suggests that people in the know are expecting a major war to break out.....

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It has long been rumoured that there is nothing in Fort Knox except cobwebs and an echo - and maybe cocaine.

Looking at the history of manipulation (ie, suppression) of the gold price by the US government through the COMEX and elsewhere over the last 50 years, it is hard to imagine that any gold the Fed does hold is not rehypothecated to infinity. I wonder how many parties believe they are the sole owner of every bar in the FRB vault?!

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It is also because their Kind have milked their paper I. O. U notes for all they can get. As their fraud system collapses, as a last ditch effort, they have been using their worthless Debt Note Legal Tender Conjured Currencies to ‘buy’ Gold. Its a great deal for their Kind… allegedly “buying” and allegedly “Paying” for Gold with worthless bits of paper. Can you lawfully buy snd own anything by giving an I. O. U with no payment date on its face?

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Good point, but I haven't heard that the Fed is buying gold, though they should be...

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The people who own the fed and other central banks already have the bulk of the gold supply under control. If the fed bought gold they masses might be under the impression that it was public property.

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The Fed recently appears to have lost control of the gold price as international demand for physical bullion may be exceeding the Fed's ability to manipulate the price down on the COMEX.

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Whatever bullion is in the market is being bought up as a lot of people know fiat is about to collapse, so it makes sense the price is spiking.

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And yet many professional market commentators/analysts profess to being puzzled by the lack of volume in the COMEX gold contract together with the recent decline in Open Interest as the price rose strongly into new high ground.

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The Fed is currently the only central bank still selling gold. They have been doing so since the 1970s to flatter the value of the paper dollar. The reason the gold price is currently rising is because some central banks (eg, BRICS/SCO) are losing confidence in the dollar and selling dollars to buy gold.

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Why is our financial system so criminally corrupt ?

Because a small group of families control the creation of currency which gives them infinite wealth, it is that simple.

If you wish to know more , there are 3 essential points everyone should realize:

(1) The Federal Reserve and by extension the USD are Ponzi Schemes. They do not represent real money.

This is because the USD is a debt based currency that requires ever more debt to sustain itself until interest payments on the debt gobble up all spending.

To put it another way, to make use of this fiat currency we need to take/borrow from the future.

That is the definition of a Ponzi Scheme.

There is only one form of money that is allowed and it's stated in Article I, Section 10 , Claus 1 of the US Constitution:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal;

coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;

(2) Fractional Reserve Lending is the basis of all banking in the modern age. This is legalized counterfeiting and no different than a criminal operation.

All banks are in fact criminal enterprises because they lend out money they do not possess.

Try withdrawing all the cash in your bank account and see what happens. They will tell you , you can't have it because they don't have it.

It isn't there. Your money is not in the bank.

This is the criminal nature of our banking industry today to say nothing about the usury of charging 20% interest rates on credit card debt.

(3) The world's central banks (Federal Reserve) are private institutions owned by private individuals which gives these criminals access

to infinite sums of currency (Rothschilds are Trillionaires). In other words, the Federal Reserve is owned by the very same group who control and own

JPMorganChase, Goldman Sacs et al who are the publicly listed owners of the FedRes. Circular and cross ownership everywhere you look.

Trillionaires do exist in our world today. And they own most of the world's economy.

These Trillionaires are very careful to keep this knowledge out of the public domain and so we see the Forbes 400 and Fortune list of billionaires

always excludes mention of these people who control the issuance of currency.

Why would you want to be worth $100 Billion in USD when you can issue and digitally print to yourself trillions of dollars through your

criminal ownership of the Federal Reserve with no supervision nor oversight ?

Remember the Federal Reserve has NEVER been audited in it's nearly 110 year history (demonic birth 1913).

This is exactly what the families behind the Rothschild actors have done.

These shadowy figures are worth more than $1000 Trillion ($1 Quadrillion) dollars. That is the equivalent of 10,000 times the worth of the fake and phoney Elon Musk (~ $100 Billion USD) who is yet another life actor.

The world is run by Trillionaire International Bankers who have thousands of news-reading slaves (Bloomberg, CNBC et al) and

fake financial theorists aka economists, and yellow journalists lying to all of us with propaganda that we live in a free market economy based

on capitalism and meritocracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We live in a organized crime syndicate run by multi - generational criminally insane psychopathic

banking families (Kuhns, Loebs, Warburg, Rothschilds et al) who have infinite wealth and

it is by this wealth that they have corrupted

every media outlet, every corporation and every industry with their demonic political agenda.

Everything is rigged, everything is scripted, everything is lies, everything is fake.

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The fact that they don't even have worthless paper bank notes gives a clue to how fraudulent the fiat system actually is.

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Great comment 🎯

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Yes my friend… but you missed a bit that seems to have completely missed a lot of others in the Financial Industry accidentally on purpose. The US FEDERAL RESERVE was declared bankrupt and liquidated a few years ago. The Name Federal Reserve was obtained by JP Morgan Chase in the Liquidation Sale. Since then JP Morgan Chase have been pretending to be and operating as “the” US Federal Reserve.

This will shed a brighter light on the subject: http://annavonreitz.com/fedshelfcorp.pdf

Anna Maria Riezinger is the actual truly lawful Fiduciary ‘For’ The United States of America unincorporated. She is the underwriter and she has the facts.

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Now you mention it, I did read some of her stuff relating to this.

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Whoooooaaa! I didn't know that.

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For those who need to know; and that is all of you: http://annavonreitz.com/americanfederationdollar.pdf

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This is my favorite American Success story.


I wanted to share this before ww3.

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Don't ignore the role of federal govt spending. Along with monetary growth, it is the evil twin of currency debasement.

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"Thus, the mere existence of the Fed and its ruinous mandates ensures that “everyone else” will, over time, be stripped of their wealth. Using inflation as a monetary weapon, the Fed is the singular cause of this stealth tax; in other words, inflation is a direct result of money printing, and nothing else."

You are waaaay to kind, 2SG. It's not a hidden tax. It's theft in broad daylight.

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Total truth. 1913 was an interesting year as the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Anti Defamation League were created and in Washington DC their location is right next to a Holocaust Museum. Some say those you cannot criticize are the ones who control you.

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No one has the authority to do so.

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Aware, but that needs to change!

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Yes it does!

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A request:

Because their scam name has fooled many, including myself over the years, I suggest everyone refer to it as the "Federal" Reserve bank, thus using quotes to expose the lie rather than continuing to refer to it without quotes which is thus quasi legitimizing the scam.

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I was once explained why the FRS name was chosen at Jekyl Island.

1. Federal implies that it is actually a part of the federal government.

2. Reserve makes people believe that their worthless Monopoly™ money is actually backed by something (like gold, for instance).

3. System is an excelent way of avoiding the word bank. After the James Pierpont Morgan created crisis of 1905 designed to pave the way for what happened on Christmas Eve, 1913, everyone in the US was very sceptical (to say the least) regarding banks in general, and a central bank in particular.

There were three ardent opponents of the creation of a new central bank in the United States aboard the S/S Titanic, as if that ship didn't reek of conspiracy already.

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Well something to think about all right.

At the inception of the "Federal" Reserve, of course our paper money WAS backed by gold and/or silver.

The other thing is that 3 of the conspirators...ooops, sorry, I meant founders, were on board the Titanic. I believe that to be just chance. Wealthy people traveled that way in those days and hubris is the ideal ingredient for disaster.

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Another "coincidence" is that James Pierpont Morgan had a reservation on the Titanic's maiden voiage. Perhaps he even invited the three opponents of what was agreed upon on Jekyl Island in 1910 to try to get them to see it his way. Anyway, J.P.Morgan canceled his ticket at the last moment.

....., but it's probably just a coincidence.

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Not three of the founders. Three ardent opponents. One of them was Gloria van der Bilt's paternal grandfather.

I am not a coincidence theorist.

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It is just the same as the scam perpetrated by “the” United States of America where they deliberately on purpose forget to add “Incorporated” at the end and fail to disclose the difference between “the” and “The”

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Ya lost me.

"Incorporated" ?? Wasn't that particular legal fiction formalized 100 years or so AFTER the ratification of the Constitution ?

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Libertarian theology is as flawed as its ostensible foe Marxism. The problem with the current money system cannot be reduced to inflation. There's plenty of instances where chokeholds in the grease of commerce created problems in themselves, most notably when the US went onto a gold-standard after the war between the States.

The problem is issuance of debt/money + interest. See libertarian Bill Still's Money Master's documentary. He's probably the only of his stripe who doesn't continuously repeat economic fallacies that hold as much water as "safe and effective."

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Why do many writers say "could care less" when they actually mean "could not care less"? The two expressions are completely opposite. The former gives wiggle room for caring less, whereas the latter is already at rock bottom.

Is it as simple as American English vs English English? Or some kind of concessionary gesture? Either way, its ambivalence spoils the argument.

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Great post. I read every word. For those that didn’t here’s the TLDR: Keep Stacking.

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FRBNY is owned by the US Treasury and remits its earnings to the Treasury annually.

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Well the Federal Reserve ( which was neither Federal or a Reserve went Bankrupt and was Liquidated..so you believe that the Reserve, that was not a Reserve, but a Private Bank, and in no way “Federal” protected and didn't use the Gold until it was all gone, and then; they went bust?

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