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Watch the Water by Stew Peters has been published.

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It's bullshit

From off guardian:

This is pure nonsense. The latest attempt at introducing mainstream COVID fear porn through a phony "alternative" back door.

The message is as always in these controlled "alternatives" - "Be afraid of COVID, because it is a REAL THING"

The PTB don't care if you're afraid of a virus, a MANMADE virus, 5G or snake venom in the water.

Just so long as you believe COVID is REAL, NEW AND DEADLY.

The only really inadmissible thing is the truth - COVID is a scam. A pea-and-thimble game on a massive scale

Because you can't govern through fear if no one is afraid.

Seriously - if the blurb alone doesn't tell you this is manipulation you need to overhaul your BS detector

"The world" DIDN'T "get sick". "Covid" DIDN'T "spread". The PTB just want you to think so, and these guys are helping that along...

Is someone dumping "snake venom" in the water? Maybe. Who knows. The world is insane. But it has ZERO to do with the "COVID pandemic" because the covid pandemic was made up.

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Inflation has been climbing since the real estate boom, when houses more than doubled.

How come this wasn't a big deal when it was happening?

Instead people bitch about gas and food, but housing takes more than half our budgets!

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When did housing double? Over the past year?

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I don't have the graphs but i think a decade in most metro areas in the USA... It keeps increasing even now... So it's more than double.

When my father made 8 dollars an hour in the 80s in a big city the 2 family house he got was 80k.

The same job pays 25 now, but the house is 900k.

Wages went up 3x but housing went up 10x.

but count how much one spends on mortgages and property taxes vs gas and food

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I live in Seattle suburb. Our real estate has doubled in less than 10 yrs. Gone up 25% in the last year alone. 18% yr before that. It's looking like SFO,or NYC for prices, but too many can't afford to live here.

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The appraised value on a single family I own in Texas (Houston suburb) increased 26% from 2021 to 2022. This follows an 18% increase the prior year.

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Its going to crack this economic system, prepare yourselves for maximum starvation!

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I was figuring about 14.4% because 1.2% for March times 12 months equals that.

17.5% is worse and bad bad bad.

Remember the 70s under Carter?


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