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This one hits home. My wife took the injectables Dec 2021 over concerns of potentially losing her job. I did everything I could to implore her not too. Last month a doctor diagnosed her with thyroid issues. Constant fatigue, forgetfulness, hair loss. It's terrible, I've read Japanese studies that link boosters to this as well.

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This is why you are infinitely superior to the Kirsch stack. Too many are trying to claim massive death increase from the jabs yet just like during the Covid psyop, I am still not seeing the piles of bodies in the streets. I think the jab effects are slow kill. It will be so subtle that no one can really put a finger on it. Kind of like they did with AIDS.

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I agree with you. It's like slow suicide. And your friends and relatives will just think you died of natural causes. The perfect murder.

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That is why the word has gone out to get the unjabbed any way they can. Never let anyone inject you with anything not even with a dental numbing drug. They have to get rid of the control group which is why of course they gave everyone in the original trials the drug as soon as possible so destroying their own control groups. So long as that control group is there the hangman's noose awaits all of them.

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Thanks for the warning, anything in a syringe, i cringe. It's the unwitting assistants that do most of the killing, don't even know they are shilling. Xtra Crazy times.

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Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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I agree, Steshu. I think the EMT's, Police and Firefighters get to see those bodies, folks dead in cars for days before someone notices, and indeed bodies in the street, many drop deads described in MC Millers substack. However, I know what you mean about it being kept invisible to us, I can only imagine the puppetmasters are making sure there are deep rewards for keeping the populace from seeing this, in the form of financial incentives. Hospitals (many) having their own incinerators as well...but this summer could start being a different story as these deaths make a deeper cut into our 'efficiency' and ability to keep things mopped up so to speak. I heard the dollar may peak before it dies, and when it does die, those incentives will die with them, one can hope, if we can keep folks off the CBDC. Oh, I am so sick of playing 'ketchup' to these murderers, a defensive stance increasingly inadequate to address this badness.

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I agree with you on the 'defensive stance being increasingly inadequate'... I mean, billions of people across the world are being slowly being killed off. And here we are a non-violent, not complying, small but growing community of truth seekers.

We are the only people that are going to save ourselves from this madness, and it goes without saying that I absolutely do not condone anything violent ever, as a response to this, but I mean really... How are we supposed to combat this level of darkness by essentially doing nothing? I sometimes think we are doing it all wrong.

What good is 'Non violent - Not compliance' when they just go ahead and do whatefer they want anyway, in often the the most violent ways. And here we are again, being non-violent to that?? wtf. My head spins.

I can only think back to times throughout history when a Government/country/religion of the day, got a bit too power hungry, and there was a mass uprising of people, which had no choice but to use violent measures to restore peace & sanity.

How do we deal with this by doing nothing (non violent / no compliance) When their tactics are violent and relentless?

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I guess that is where farmers, or especially ranchers, come in, (with doctors and vetranarians and the like) simply because they are still used to dealing with the 'processing' of animals, and understand the taking care of business type of things that are needed daily around animal husbandry. My Dad was connected to actual hunting traditions, but as with most folks my brothers and I did not take up the rifle in the same way, without a word being said, all accomplished by 'societal pressure' and moving to a more urban area. Poof instead of boom, I guess. (As Elvis sung, You aint never skinned a rabbit...and you ain't no friend of mine)..The 'turds are doing everything possible to provoke obvious violence from 'us', this is quite clear, ridiculous personal attacks from beglittered glowing fauxtrannies. I hear that green lasers really can mess up electronic cameras, so be careful out there suub....j

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When you reprogram cellular function and the Ribosome machinery uses up the body's store of essential nutrients, amino acids and etc, to produce foreign spike proteins you will have organ malfunction! You don't have to be a brain surgeon to understand this!


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Once you realize that there is no virus and no disease known as Covid19, the blinders come off.

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I've been following your substack (and others) for a few months now and I try to reconcile what the data is showing to my own observations. While things generally seem OK in my own social circle (mostly vaxxed, however I am not), my gut tells me we have not seen the full impact of these shots on people yet. I swing from "this is full on depop" to "the main impact is sterility" to "most of the shots are benign saline, except for bad batches". I hope the most dire outcomes are avoided, but can't shake the feeling something truly awful is straight ahead.

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Thank you so much for this vast coverage!

And thanks for the gut biome link!

All should do “Anti-Spike” to compensate crisis of “being vaccinated or shed to”, affecting every one:

Use inorganic antiseptics, spike problems solved. The low doses therapeutically used will not affect the biome, opposed to antibiotics.

Without money.

With money, add nattokinase and lvermectin and resveratrol and spermidine, do intermittent fasting. In short, I-RECOVER. Many spring cures.

Do herbal cures: if you find the right one, curing the epigenetic reprogramming the PEG2k medical device does (inheritable 3-6 Generations) is possible. Search epigenetic regulation phytotherapy eg.

But cheaper is eg. Dr. Thomas Levy’s inhalation protocol of H2O2. Just buffer the supply of a few days to near neutral, keep shaded. (Trickle in 0.5% baking soda NaHCO3 from supermarket by about 1% “till just not tasting sour any more” yielding quite reproduceably and way precise enough a pH of ca 6.5 the lungs like best. Do not buy “unstabilised”, as it does not survive the shaking on transport, degrading, yielding unknown content…) see his free eBook (pse donate) and his small pdf “An at-home treatment that can cure any virus”:


Book: https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/

If we know all inorganic antiseptics disable the spike and help it being decomposed, why not all use it insides Protocols utilising the respective therapeutic band between small effective dose and higher dose just showing no adverse events (NOAEL), imagine ANY medication offering that: NO adverse events, and all inorganic antiseptics DO have a therapeutic band, the widest is that of CIO2!

Prevention and treatment, of virus and “vaccines” alike.

(And by CIO2, against mold in fridge and washing machine and AC in car of course. Hippocratic medicine tends to have many uses. See the list of uses in Baking Soda (anti-CCR5, inhaling against CoV…:), or lvermectin / NicIosamide/ Allergy-Tablets (te old ones in evening against neurological probs as well, antiviral), etc.

If we know ALL inorganic antiseptics also dissolve micro-blood clots knitted by spike so sometimes inaccessible to our enzyme for dissolving, why do we not use it? Why not buy some dark field microscopy (lens for smartphone?) and watch it dissolve :)?

If we know they all soothe the immune system, alas slightly, motivates even more to use them.

Yes, they are just one option.


Are they?

For half the population of the world?

Which molecules diffuse into mucosa, disable all viruses insides the dead cells of the upper layer, which make a RESET (a real humanistic great one!) to incubation period, and immediately make droplets and aerosols non-infectious?

Which molecule can dissolve micro blood clots so effectively that 3 hours after infusion of 1/10 of NOAEL (NOAEL is 3mg/kg over the day) patients wake up from coma?

Which molecules CAN NOT SHOW RESISTANCES, never will?

Combine with DMSO, the great de-scarrer, also of nerve tissue, enabling scars to flatten, then re-grow hairs and sweat glands, thus the only hair grower really working, anti-inflammative, making inorganic antiseptics penetrate tissue 2cm deep, enabling eg direct brain treatment by just applying it to scalp, or tick bite treatment killing lyme pathogens as they are very locally bound in the beginning of erythrema migrans, probably a week or so; making teeth roots accessible to local treatment by placing a soaked corton swab in the cheek pouch…

only side effect: you develop a body odour of garlic or mussels. Hell, this is ok and we accept far worse (ever kissed nicotine?).

Back to inorganic antiseptics;

I also like them for being anti-allergic, as they de-naturalise allergens.

Of course I used them (time delayed a bit) on top of normal antiallergics or iota-carrageenan and/or (diy possible) xylitol nasal sprays also for the eyes.

Is it our pride not wanting to admit the solution to all viral and many more problems has always been there, even before Fort Knox began playing with viruses way before 1918?

(A friend told me spanish flu was firstly reported 1km away, but I have no sources. It would fit the eugenic and human experimentation history of “vaccines”.)

They dispensed NaHClO in military hospitals. And in WW2 in all bunker ventilation installation. They all INHALED it on a permanent and systemically effective way. All is part of civil admissioned procedures that are still valid.

And indeed you can buy dry fog hypochlorite room disinfection machines so safe you can stay insides the room. You are one signature away from a disco where people gave informed consent room disinfection is running that enables people to walk away with shedding healthy broken pathogens making contacts passivly immune, without infecting them, for up to the incubation period, safly only 2.5 days since omi.


Use CIO2, as air disinfection, which is self-distributing and self-warning.

But lock away the producing chemicals, they are deadly if you swallow a gulp.

See papers on prevention with homeopathic dosing 3ppm CIO2 drunken against secondary infections in families having a primary case of CoV. THE testing ground for prevention. I suspect it is topically working, so we spray, but use protocol

“Do 4 rounds in 1 min. spray, breathing in, to nose and throat and 1 under tongue” to emulate gargling, with better distribution for the whole upper respiratory tract, smokers-friendly (their infections start more … distributed, due to cilial paralysis, that’s all).

( For emergency tracheal cure, spray 10 puffs breathing in to throat. If lucky, this prevents sliding down to alveoli. Immediately search some nebuliser or lend in pharmacy.)

(If having no spray, emulate a sweat bath for head : place 4ml CIO2(aq) on a flat dish eg, cover yourselv with rain jacket or tightly woven blanket and quickly breath in air above dish. If lungs trickle and you have to cough, breath in more slowly. In 2-3mins you have uptaken 12mg CIO2 by upper respiratory tract, mostly hitting throat ring, where 4/5 of infections start. Add gargling of 3-100ppm as your taste dictates (some do not like it strong, so dilute) in mouth, where 1/5 start in saliva glands. Only 1% in non-smokers start elsewhere. As we have NOT seen mask mandates having ANY effect in reducing infections, I defuce this also proofs aerosol infection % is very low, Inestimate below 1%, mostly when lying in same bedroom and “NoT having done anything antiviral”. If done anything mentioned here, you will shed broken viruses and donate pre-immunity, and after some rounds, it will rise to sterilising immunity. The less you train SUB-INFECTIOUS at best, the more susceptible you are.

Masks :

DECREASE training effect by 99%. Without masks, no plandemic, as is true with hygiene rules all lying.

Hygiene rules:

Add to hands washing (normal skin-friendly soap) for the 1/1000 ofsmear infections” that were measured for CoV by “respiratory tract washing”, xylitol being a good washing agent, even inhalative, 9%, for thise not liking inorganic antiseptics.

Hygiene rules: back to them:

* 1.5m: replace by 3m:


NOSE BLOW, sneeze, cough emit :

* 10,000ths DROPLETS,

Flying ballistically 3m,

Hanging 40secs in air slowly sinking down

70% ca. get reflected from elbow, hand, tissue, and mask surface (as it lifts if you do not press it to skin line without gaps), jetting sideways and behinds you, making droplet jets unpredictable and malicious.

All on the order of the CDC’s of the world and our glorious RKI in DE on order of the glorious — well, guess WHOm rode ahead.

See reduction in absenteism in school children by FACTOR 2.4 by just 0.03ppm (volumetric) in air by dispensers. Cheaper more available: jar glass or PET bottle: Self dispensing: Just place 1.5L (legally) DRINKING water bottles with 20ppm CIO2 (10ml CIO2 0.3% = CDS ad 1.5L tap water) per 10m² room area and punch holes in the lid and place a piece of membrane of rain jacket below: gas permeable, water tight seal. Or place cap only lightly screwed on, a bit loose.

(Use light beam with multicolor led and phototransistor doing auto-correlation on esp32 or similar microcontroller to build some 3$ photo extinctometer to measure even 20ppm through PET bottle in day light dose and re-filling automatically by diy syringe pump for any headmaster or teacher etc. taking care of the bottles. Till you measure: do use fresh water every 2 days. Some bottles O2 have a drinking mouthpiece with cap. You can close the cap if not in the room to safe on CIO2. Cost estimate: 1L NaCIO2 25% is 15€, yields max 250g of CIO2 if producing by jar glass diffusion method assuming no residual NaCIO2. Direct MMS could be more efficient.)

Paper: https://academicjournals.org/journal/IJMMS/article-abstract/FDB503B428

See protocol of south american COMUSAV to treat CoV:


See their protocol against vaccination side effects if forced to take it from insides or out. https://www.comusav.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/ENGLISH-AI-Protocol-16-Dec-2021-.pdf

I would today apply DMSO and CIO2 directly to the injection site before and after the injection. Perhaps I would try co-injection. And cool the muscle. Prevents outflow. And aspire the syringe, not to is genocide in genocide.

See Dr Taufertshöfers approach:


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Disgusting to think about the probes they put in my children's noses during the "pandemic" 😕

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you might want to listen to her ... she seems real and a good person. she makes some interesting comments about those doctors that continue to push this stuff (like our former dear leader) ...


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I wrote an article citing her work a few months ago......

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it seems like she is into something. she cites test results before and after getting jabbed ... it seems still work in progress. her thesis seems to be the spike protein, goes to the gut and destroys the microbia

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Before antibiosis, or expected other traumata or hospital visit, do save a probe of biome, just dry it in healing earth and put in fridge, fill some pills, take after crisis for family re-union).

I would even take a probe late, when ill, to preserve what is still there.

Dry stress forces the little bugs into stasis form, and dried, might even survive freezing for longer storage, but I’m at the beginning of reading up stuff on the biome.

Respect you little helpers that are imunologically and thus philosophically a part of us, like your hands and organs etc..

Faecal transplant is a life saving procedure, but not long term, as the immune system is rejecting bacteria it has not learned in age 0..1 year old mostly.

I’m not saying you do not accept a new family member, especially if you have lost some of your personal 300 personal bugs, but it takes “getting used to” for a longer time, trying many (family or grown-up with, or people living in a place the patient was as a baby, as rooms have a biome themselves sometimes if healthy) donors and offering it to the immune system in a calm and “open minded” state (gut “mind” is meant:).

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Think of all the money Bourla and his VPs and all their chums at Moderna etc etc etc, none of whom have taken these poisons I have no shadow of a doubt, hope to make out of all the new drugs to try to stop people dying 20 years earlier than they might had they not taken their poisons pushed on us by their bought and paid for politicians. And that includes Trump and De Santis.

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Prove Trump got paid. Why does Biden get a pass?

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Excellent review of the endocrine system. The plot on turkeys, Del Bigtree had an interesting show on farming, where he talked about how turkeys on this farm are happy turkeys, but have 1 bad day... dark humor that made me laugh. https://thehighwire.com/videos/polyface-farm-the-truth-about-biosustainability/ about an hour in when Del made that comment.

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Very informative, requiring a 2nd and 3rd reading to fully digest.

Well done!

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We are honing in on the real purpose of the mRNA jabs - slow degradation of the body and slow death. The purpose, I think, to avoid a mass die off and enable society to adapt to a growing wave of death. Also each death is an isolated event that can be dismissed by the media as being caused by the jabs.

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It looks like the spike protein is having a degenerative effect on peoples bodies, and picking on their weakest link. The endocrine system is what maintains youthfulness, and without it you could expect premature aging. I have discovered an anti-aging recipie using hormone treatment, that also has direct benefits to my immunity, so I dont even consider vaccinations, and I still havent caught Covid. The treatment is not cheap, but it certainly is a panacea, taking HGH, Thyroid supp, and rub-on testosterone, really slows aging.

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assuming that the mRNA in the jabs is viable and is translated by human cells which there is no evidence for https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/spikes-and-knobs

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The Japanese study "Effect of SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine on thyroid autoimmunity: A twelve-month follow-up study" has received little attention.

In this twelve-month follow-up study of a cohort of Japanese health care workers, the authors demonstrated for the first time that Pfizer's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine BNT162b2 increases TRAb, which is responsible for thyroid autoimmunity

The authors concluded, "The SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 vaccine (Pfizer) not only disrupted the steady state of Graves' disease, but also newly induced the disruption of thyroid autoimmunity....

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