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Dec 8, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

I believe that this is a Disinformation narrative to direct the American people away from the fact that there is a CDC/DARPA/ CIA consortium that has actively been working on bio warfare weapons ever since World War II.

 Yesterday, one of the physicians at the Ron Johnson, subcommittee inquiry into the Covid crisis, presented a molecular mockup of the virus. He also presented a mock up of the spike protein molecule, which was much larger than the actual Covid virus. On a personal note, I acquired the virus and was incapacitated for three weeks as well as my partner.   never before have I experienced this severe of an illness.  The subterfuge and miss direction and manipulation of the truth. In regards to the Covid crisis is not by accident. I would not doubt that there was a virus, and that it may have even been spread purposely to test methods of dissemination. I say that because of the viral outbreak in Florida, and several other southern states which was out of the normal period for peaks and viral infections, such as the flu.

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

This seems unhinged to me, right up there with "there is no virus". People DID get sick with something, and that "something" was very different from other illnesses. I was one of those, I came down with an unusual illness in February 2020. It was extreme in a couple of ways. I had a fever, but also the worst headache I'd ever had, and I used to get migraines regularly, so I know what a bad headache is like. I remember thinking on the second or third day of the illness that if this goes on for a few more days, I could die. The worst of it passed after the third day, but I had lingering symptoms, joint pain, for several weeks. This was before any covid tests were available. However, in November 2020 my nephew tested positive and he had the same symptoms I had had 9 months earlier. So I don't buy the "there is no virus" or "there was no covid". I think if you told someone that who works in ER, they'd laugh at you.

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Forget Lab leak... I believe that it was a deliberate Lab release.

Otherwise, I do not for a moment give any credibility to the idea that the virus was some kind of hoax. There was hyperbole and even deliberate murder by doctors and hospital administrators... but the virus itself was manipulating and deliberately released.

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World


The timing of this whole episode tells us it was almost certainly NOT a lab 'leak'.

The only stats worth ANY value have always been total deaths ( or excess as a subset )

The ENFORCED medical protocols DID kill people rather than save them.

Something is making some people mildly ill and some a bit worse.

We ARE certainly being herded away from freedoms and into a controlled environment, COVID was almost certainly designed to progress that.

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 9, 2022

Gremillion nailed it

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

"As this substack has previously established most incontrovertibly, there was never any pandemic in 2020 as per government data for that year; for example, the global death rate for 2020 was 0.76% which was identical to the two previous years, and the WEF “penetrated” nation of Canada published year over year mortality increase in 2020 at 0.04% which also happened to be identical to the two previous years. (Canada no longer shares this data for obvious DEATHVAX™ coverup reasons.)"

Canada is a member of the OECD and let the excess death mortality data slip out here:


Excess deaths in Canada between when the injections were rolled out and now are far higher than pandemic levels were. Excess deaths in Canada were 16,333 or .04% in 2020, but all of a sudden, after the jab rollout starting Dec 2020, excess deaths soared in 2021 to 33,113 and in 2022 up until July 2022 in Canada are 21,063.

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https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ftbShzrkjl9/. I have been leaning towards similar conclusions for a while. Katherine Watt Bailiwick substack series shows how US HHS and DoD have OTA contracts for Demonstration products. G of F may be a smokescreen but these biomass were likely instrumental in weaponising the MRNA and Spikes to kill AND as a testbed for PEG, SM-128, GRAPHENE and other nasties. Watch the video please. Another piece of the jigsaw....

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Regardless of what’s “true” anymore or not, Charles Rixey is a total dick:

“And Charles Rixey went out of his way to tell me no less than three times in person: “Isn’t it weird that Robert Malone remembered me and not you? Can’t believe I’m going to go to his ranch.”

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 Manipulation of the Covid events continue to be produced to misdirect the American public about the true nature of the Covid crisis. In my opinion this is miss information to misdirect American citizens from understanding that there is a CDC/DARPA/CIA consortium that has been working on bio warfare weapons since World War II and it’s a prolific program.

Yesterday, at the senator Ron Johnson investigation into the Covid crisis. A physician showed a mock up of the Covid molecule, and a mock up of the spike protein molecule, which was larger than the Covid molecule. 

On a personal note, I was incapacitated for three weeks as well as my companion. Gail and I have never experienced such a state of ill health in my our lifetime. It could very well be that this was a massive test in how to disseminate a virus around the world through various means to debilitate a countries population. I say this because Florida and several other southern states had a spike in the viral outbreak outside of the normal seasonal period for a virus. It was outside the statistical pattern for seasonal flu, viruses, and ill health.

Between the continued development of gain of function, biological viruses, and the push to re-create the drug industry as a nano drug

 Injection industry, which is clearly developing because over 100 manufactures are working on MRNA type injections to reprogram cellular function, and the DNA of human cells., I believe that we are going down the road to eradication of the human existence, and we must stop it now!

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This is a bit scary to me. I was under the impression that people like Schwab and his childish book called the “Great Reset” were just a bunch of evil bumbling idiots. If they are thinking this far ahead with the double head fakes im more worried about our future.

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I need the dumbed-down version of this.

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Purposely confusing.

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I like that you said thos

Because bottom. Line both theories..a natural born pand÷mic or a lab leak lead to a justified bio security state. I think we all must be cautious now.

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Don't Look Up and THE Earth Disaster Documentary released at the same time.

Lets Play Chess.

So the elite knew that as we got closer to "the point of no return", and the magnetic pole flip was coming very soon, they had to figure out a way for everyone not to go into a panic as the weather gets more sporadic, the Earth Magnetic Field weakens, and the poles move faster and faster to each other.

The elite have to say it's humans doing this.. That way the public don't panic.

But wait, with each solar flare, cosmic rays are going to cause serious illnesses, blood related disorders, and heart problems.

The elite have to come up with an illness and a vaccine, so the people will still blame corporations/government and not go into a panic. The elite cannot lose order within the chaos, as long as no one thinks it's beyond human control.

The elites privatized the "space race" so when the shit hits the fan and people start "looking up" the elite will be ready to go. The space weather scientist are winning the fight against the man-made climate change scientist, so they don't have much time left to scam the public. And yeah, the head of NASA's climate change dept is a "Karen" and that is just too much for me. I can't make this up, even if I tried. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWFXIsxZxNM

Once the public "look up" and realize the sun is doing causing the infections, blood disorders, and heart problems due to cosmic radiation, the elite may not be able to get away in time.

So for those that saw the movie "Don't Look Up" maybe you will notice how similar the storylines are.

Anyway, the reason I posted this is because I wanted to clear the air of "We have some members in the Green Party that don't believe in climate change" Is not entirely true. No different than, "We have some members in the Green Party that don't believe COVID is real" That's like saying, "There are some Greens that believe their SUV is not causing climate changes on Jupiter or Venus, and they are delusional" or "There are some Greens that believe the Sun is making us sick"

So it's a bit deeper than that, because the Greener our society and technology is, the higher the survival rate for either "cause" of COVID or climate changes, so the solution is to be as GREEN as possible. Space Weather scientist agree the bleaching of the coral reef, islands of trash, and other man-made pollution are killing/hurting our ecosystem.. but increased earthquakes, volcanoes, and sporadic but rapid climate changes is being caused by something else, because it's affecting the entire solar system. "Ben Davidson is the Founder of Space Weather News and The Mobile Observatory Project. His "S0 News" program is the most-watched space weather and solar-terrestrial physics show on earth, with more than 75,000,000 views online. He is credited with correctly forecasting the location of seven consecutive M6+ earthquakes (see details at QuakeWatch.net), and through the various web resources of Space Weather News, the organization provides educational material for people of all ages on a range of inspiring topics."

The "Weatherman's Guide to the Sun" is a textbook.

"If you have ever wanted to understand the intricate details of how our world actually works, but didn't want to get an advanced degree and read thousands of papers, don't worry- we did it for you, and we simplified it to a level that any interested individual can engage. With hundreds of new studies published on the sun-climate connection over the last decade, it is imperative that any meteorologist understand the forces on the sun that cause their model errors and the unexpected events. This book compiles and simplifies the latest advancements in understanding the sun-earth connection, and the direction of the field. From weather and climate change to technological disruptions and earthquakes. Understanding the forces of our world has never been easier with The Weatherman's Guide to the Sun."

I don't want Greens starting fights with space weather scientist like we're talking about a conspiracy theory book on the New York Times best seller list.. No different than virology and the "contagion myth" Because guess what else causes "electromagnetic pollution" at the cellular level?

Don't look up.

We would be arguing with educational coursework taught in schools, where we have absolutely no business trying to fight against for man made climate change belief systems. Or "5G causing COVID". There is no connection whatsoever, so in my sarcastic tone, "Stand back and stand by"

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So, are we saying now that bio warfare and its related products aren't real?

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