DRACO Injections ??? No Thank you! Just stick All Your Jabs where the sun don't shine. If Ivermectin doesn't work then forgetabout it. I'm not trusting Any of the White Coats anymore. They deserve the Red Coats treatment of 1775, imo.

Organisms do not live forever, "Science" is limited to the physical universe and is blind to any other.

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Your posts are amazing! Thank you for all you do! This, in particular, is what I’ve been saying/thought for the last few years! You proved it!! The level of evil inflicted is beyond words!!

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DRACO might cure lots of viruses but I've lost trust in big pharma. If I'm infected with something flu-like that's nasty I'll try HCQ or Ivermectin with Vit D, Vit C, Zinc and Azithromax and if breathing is difficult, a steroid inhaler and/or dexamethasome. All of these I now have stashed in sufficient quantity to help my whole family if needed. No experimental biologics for me, especially the injectables. Any doctor who still thinks the C19 jabs are safe and effective is not one I choose to consult with. I don't trust brain dead physicians who think an MD after their name makes them smart. I've read too much, heard too much and seen too much that has made me more of an expert in C19 and its treatment than them.

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To be extra safe I will not allow any kind of injection in my body ever again unless it’s a local for stitches. I think we need a Globalist End Vax by where it takes control of the globalists minds and causes them to donate there entire wealth to charity leaving them penniless and destitute!

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Viruses. Have. Never. Been. Proven. To. Exist. Look, I really appreciate your stack 2nd Smartest Guy, and there is not much we disagree on, but this is one bloody big thing. But its OK. We can still be friends and i'll continue to enjoy your writing.

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Dracos are a type of ET that the UFO hobbyists discuss frequently. The cabal always leave a sign in their work, knowing that most will choose to ignore it. I wouldn't take any remedy named after an ET race, whether I think they exist or not.

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Agreed, these posts are amazing/and prolific.

Further, this bit introducing covert research, past and present, confirms as factual

the many "science fiction" themes and rumors about this research.

The subconscious mind does have the ability to "break through" to conscious

thinking/awareness. Yet, who has time or resources to take the time to cultivate this

awareness? Further, beyond the gossip/speculation level, who even wants to explore

the subconscious awareness? The topics are frightening, and unless looking to write

a screenplay? One doesn't want to dwell on evil fantasies. However we must face facts.

Yet these are not silly fantasies. Albeit, in dribs and drabs, we have heard/learned/been

exposed to the plans that billionaires (B.Gates & G.Soros & P.Thiel & J. Bezos & Zuckerberg)

are hinting or speaking about. They are the front men. The real actors are DARPA that

along with "grants" which subsidize / fund / scientific research into chemical and sonic wave

and radio frequencies /wireless tech and the lot, to control people or murder them. I believe

the new tech is tested in the phony wars. Many are growing rich in many ways that serve to

harm humanity; enslave and exploit and eliminate humanity. The above paragraph is both

a simplistic view of far deeper research and actions and plans, as we find ourselves in a very

tangled web that we aren't capable of escaping. Again, they (people with $$$ and means and

the power to act) are "all in on it". Like a separate species of living creatures, that tell people

they will subsist on insects if they are to remain alive at all. We indeed live on a prison planet,

that we can't escape, or hope to be "free" in, as bad actors laugh at us, if they even recognize

us at all.

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A few nerds rule the world and we all, like sheep, are led to the slaughter.

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Forget this unavailable DRACO nonsense and get yourself several chlorine dioxide kits (https://kvlab.com/chlorine-dioxide-products/chlorine-dioxide-kit-w-hcl-activator-NKP-H4), make some chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) (https://rumble.com/search/video?q=how%20to%20make%20chlorine%20dioxide%20solution), put 10ml CDS in a liter of water and drink throughout the day, every day and never get sick from anything. On top of that, you'll rid yourself of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, lyme disease, and a host of other chronic ailments.

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There are no cures for a virus because viruses don't exist. No virus has ever been isolated using Kochs postulates. Dr Tom Cowan has weekly podcasts and discusses viruses.

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What do we do when we know this 100%? Big important question.

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