I’ve been listening to Dr. Mike’s warnings since the beginning of this non-sense. This is a weapon to reduce the population by injecting a pathogen which causes Amyloidosis, Autoimmunity, Acquired Immunodeficiency and Fibrosis and destroys fertility in women. Listen. Wake up.

Dr. Mike, I can also see, visibly, how your bearing witness and trying to warn others with your clarion has taken a toll on your soul. History will sort it out that you were a---you are a hero. Hold the line people. Do not comply.

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I'm nobody, but you writing here exactly what I wrote, printed and passed around town as I did errands or whatever. That we don't need to know more than that there is no reliable, accurate, complete data collection. At least not that is available to the public. There can be no other reason for this other than that "they" have zero interest in a healing medicine. What little is known of the contents of the vials, [viles] double seal that this is a deliberate attack on humanity and especially the deplorables. Make us sick, incapacitate, impoverish, and enslave. Oh, and kill. I won't take it farther here, but there is a farther. Stopping here leaves us in the horrible situation of certain defeat. We cannot as a society, that is, Western Civilization, which has become largely synonymous with Christendom, cannot defeat an enemy that we cannot identify. Their grasp of us is sufficient that they are managing to force greater concealment rather than the exposure they deserve. The exposure that is necessary to defeat them. Which exposure is itself the weapon that could defeat them. But God judges us as individuals, as members of a family, and as a nation. The small number moving to the awakened side is way working against us. God Bless You Dr. Yeadon. I know you doing what you can. And I assume you are paying a price for it.. The price for abandoning the cause of truth would be much higher. And suffered with not satisfaction and confidence but with regret and shame. You are honored with each stroke of the enemy.

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My wheelhouse is mathematics. I first became alarmed when the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and the depth of the corruption became apparent when courts did not confirm this. It is mathematically obvious that the virus originated from the CCP bio weapons lab in Wuhan and further that it was the result of gain of function research in collaboration with the US. Quick research shows all mRNA vaccines in animals produced horrific results so one can expect the same for humans. Also ALL obvious treatment protocols were banned, censorship became the norm in favor of the government narrative so yes our government has gone rogue and those in charge want us dead, sick, or enslaved. Do Not Comply! I think Dr. Yeadon is the cat’s meow and everyone should give him a listen!

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I have been a fan of Dr. Yeadon for quite some time. If you think the evil people he refers to don’t exist then you believe that Ted Bundy didn’t exist.

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Sure wish I’d see Dr. Yeadon on one of those “newsy” Sunday morning network gab-fests. Chuck Todd could really grill him lol.

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You are right on target. Thank you for continuing the frustrating job of reaching out to those who still have not put two and two together this late in the game. You may have to give that up soon and jump to the leading edge to prevent their latest plans, now that people have generally given up on the injections. For that we do not have much time. The Evil Overlords are always a few steps ahead of course just like the Homicidal Psychopathic killers they are, until they get caught.

The feeling is we need to focus on two things. Deflecting their latest aerosolizing plan and tracking and "apprehending" the weak pathetic murderous ring leaders. Anything else is just continuing to spin our wheels and following them. B said he is going to put every last cent into it and that is not only his cents but ours also. Let's face it, they are printing the money. We don't need Seal Teams and Rangers to get these guys. Although it would be nice. On the contrary, Asymmetric. Wait staff, pilots, chambermaids, plane mechanics, chiefs, caterers and teachers of their offspring. Once the main three are down, we move on to the next 3. It will start to crumble, the chicken shits will start fleeing and the 300 will always know they are on a list.

This is how they will live. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh_D8jqGo2M With nervous tics, having to medicate nightly with their own poisonous pills because they cannot sleep. Oprah will turn white with fear. Pretty soon, they won't be able to fly to their own meetings because we have infiltrated the private pilots, airports and janitorial staffing. If they meet remotely we have NSA. There are not that many of them. That is how the South Americans, Eastern Europeans and Billary have done it. The only way we are going to make some headway. Everything else is just following their breadcrumbs. Yes we still need a team working on the Do Not Comply message to the students in the back of the class.

Let's continue to organize, use our contacts at certain 3 letter agencies and our friends and fam in the mil. One offensive group in most states. 2 in the states/ areas where they mainly reside. In a way Germany/Switzerland is tougher but in many ways it is much easier. No body suspects anything there.

The pilots are a small group and usually come from decent backgrounds, they have some moral aptitude and have to stay licensed. Public licensing lists. Private pilots are a very small group and they know who flys for who. They can be hired away. Many ex military. They bar talk and pillow talk. Look up all the licensed pilots, flights, flight logs, employers " companies ". They will lead to the ultimate culprits we know by name. There is a reason why double and triple agents exist. Track and inject the murders just as they are doing to us. Rat heparin is antiviral my Doctor tells me. Like Remdesivir but different mechanism he says. We will never win on the defensive.

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Dr. Mike Yeadon wrote: ...six global corporations, all allied to a single global organization you’ve all heard of, is relentlessly lying to you and has been doing so for over 2.5 years.

Reply: While true, the lie has been going on considerably longer than 2.5 years. The lie I speak of is the lie that allows the destruction of human health and the health of the planet. The degradation by International Corporations is so rampant that they can sell products with unknown health hazards to the world at a profit. Release toxic chemicals into the environment without concern of even a fine for malfeasance.

Much older that Rachael Carson's prescient Silent Spring. It has been going on for at least 500 years. Many more.


Dr. Mike Yeadon wrote: They are coming for you and your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long-term, patient planning. I’m so sorry.

It’s now up to you. I genuinely don’t see what else I can do.

Reply: It is up to us. There is no one else to rely on. The proof of that is the last 2.5 years. It is so much later than you think. So first "heal your self!". Whatever that means to you. Do your very best. If doing that confuses you, after two years + you know who not to trust. Hopefully you have made new friends that you can trust and that may be able to help you find your path to health. It begins with your health in body, emotions and mind. Bringing health to our Mother Earth is not that much different from healing yourself. We must reclaim our Mother. It is our Mother and for anyone to claim sole propriety of her is a fraud and a megalomaniac.

Heal yourself then join with others to heal our Earth.

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This is the plan from one of the horse's mouthes. Just read also they gave Wuhan other big load of our money to destroy us again. The gov, unfortunately is trying to destroy us as fast as they can. As odd as that sounds, it is true and is happening, has happened and will continue to happen.


It is always hard to figure out the " Whys " when you are dealing with Psychopaths. Unless you are one, you probably will not comprehend the " Whys " Apparently DARPA is full of them. Inflated Ego is a big part of it.

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Absolutely everyone I meet, I’m passing on the information of www. Rumble.com and the big reset. Everyone. We are in the final moments before chaos ensues

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Dr. Y,

Seems that Zuckerbucks feels the same way as you do. Except just for him and his employees. Same thing the CEO of BioNTech said in a video interview. " We can't have our employees absent " ( dead ).


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