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Spot on analysis. Biden needed this conflict, and the west/NATO will do everything they can to prop him up ahead of the 2022 midterms. ALL his actions will be done to protect against losses in Senate & House, regardless of how it effects individual lives. He will be the one to capitulate behind the scenes w/Putin, cut a "neutral" deal and give Putin what he wants.

That is just my opinion based on best outcomes for both, and the MSM will declare Biden a brilliant hero to bump the polls.

Hope I am wrong, and Biden gets hammered by Putin, USA deserves this, we caused this "war" to happen... we funded it. Goes back to broken assurances, Obama/Biden played both sides of the fence to set this up. Zel boy is getting thrown under the bus.

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Agree 100% with your analysis, I will however add:

"Zelensky is nothing more than an embedded Cult asset playing his part. There is no real West and East for the One World Government program, there is only the brainwashing of binary thinking to herd the masses into global technofascist dystopia."

- This was quite obviously the plan for quite a long time, hence the "need" to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine and replace them with a bunch of Neonazi clowns.

"Biden pledges not to send American military to Ukraine → The Cult does NOT want full-blown thermonuclear war."

- There may still be a nuclear EVENT to terrify the masses, but my firm belief is that the Covid psyop was the gamechanger, we now live in a world where bioweapons are the new major concern. Nukes are yesterday's news.

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Yeah, Zelensky is playing his part. He just hasn’t found it out yet.


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