Distance yourself from wrong doing

Deny all accusations

Discredit any opposing views

Delay the release of important information

Deceive the public opinion

Distort the data with stats

Divide any challengers

And let disarray muddy all the facts.

The same eight tactics are being used again and again.

To keep us divided, confused and in a state of denial

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Nothing to see here..

"Get ready to be “AEROSOLISED” with mRNA Nanoparticle Biopwepons without your consent or awareness…":

HORRIFYING: AEROSOLISED mRNA 'Vaccines' Will Radicalize the Way People Are Vaccinated in the Near Future. Researchers Create Aerosolized COVID Vaccine. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


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He is the only person alive crazy enough to stay in this fight, and think he stands a chance of getting way up the elites ranks to actually clean things up. The other folks running don't have the courage to go way up the ladder. With the evil they're throwing us from all angles now, I just don't trust any of the other so called, candy-dates not to be controlled or corrupted. And quite honestly all I care about is the chance to be living again under the bible, and the US Constitution

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If we're lucky enough to get Trump back, can we convince him to make hanging legal for mass-murderers

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The guy is only human. In all the hysteria I think he was duped like the rest of us.

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PSYOP-23 Rising: Mockingbird MSM Activated For Followup "Pandemic"

Don't they have to finish what they started in Ukraine first? On a Monday in mid January of 2022 I watched two C-130 transport planes take off for Poland in the morning, and then returning in the evening. This went on for five days. During that week the people reporting the news were visibly sick and tired of reporting on all things Covid.

On the evening news on Friday they spent six or seven minutes talking about the evil dictator in Belarus. Then they spent six or seven minutes talking about the psychopath in the Kremlin. Then came one very important sentence from the news anchor:

"The movement of large quantities of military equipment is NOT a part of a military exercise." Then came some fluff piece about an Oscar nomination.

Five weeks later came the Russian SMO, and Covid 19 was all but forgotten.

They're going to have to do that in reverse to bring Covid back, is what I'm thinking.

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I went deep into RFK. Too many things he said 10 yrs ago bother me. He hasn't corrected them. However I give him credit for spilling the beans on sooo much. Aside from the corruption, this country is bankrupt. And you'd have to research to see what he did in declaring that. I know Trumps plan if he is back, including the debt. Thats why it scares the crap out of them.

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It has to get much much worse before even the libs want him. What concerns me is how much worse? There's a long way to go yet

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I don't know whether this latest, anticipated 'Campaign' will fly a bit more than one foot. No one I know will take another shot. Almost two years ago, Omni Con times, such was the unifornity of refusal. Then Young Global Leaders became repeat CV infectees. https://www.ur1light.com/post/wef-heads-of-state-founder-in-their-holocaust-by-mandates

Just for fun, LET'S FIGHT BACK!

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Sorry to burst the bubble, but according to VAERS, there have been more than 3 million American deaths from the clot shot... and 15 million deaths world wide from the clot shot. VAERS reports only 1-10% of ALL INJURIES and DEATHS. American deaths have already exceeded 5 million, as VAERS completely stopped reporting a few months ago. And the sad part is, most of America does not have a clue. Unless of course, they have family members that perished after getting the clot shot

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Just attended a big public event in a foreign country. One section required masks. Outdoors and windy. Nuts.

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Heck yeah, Joe got the most votes in history. Biggest con in history

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