Condolences about Twitter. I'm still banned.

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Been like that for three days now. Apparently Substack released "notes" a twitter copy so the blue bird is retaliating. Substack will run out of runway later this year with office space and salaries in SFO unicorn land. They should lay off another third of their workers if they want to see another year. Set up a parachute on Ghost.


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Here’s a conspiracy I weaved together I’ll bounce off everyone. I’m not saying it’s true. Just pondering.

Let’s say what we are living through right now is orchestrated. Let’s say the long known goal of a depopulation initiative is in full swing.

The pandemic and everything surrounding it is weird. None of it appears novel to me. Except the easy trouncing of liberty, rights, Nuremberg which has been stunning in its thoroughness and there was no particularly effective pushback.

The shots suspiciously coming onto the scene in record time was weird. Trump being president okaying all of the liberty crushing protocols was weird.

I won’t belabor the many finite details of the weirdness. If I did it would fill pages.

It is well known nobody galvanizes hate like Trump. So if the goal was to get as many people juiced up (jabbed) as possible he would have to go because the liberals said they’d never take “the Trump vaccine.”

The perfect irony is, Trump was instrumental in facilitating Pompeo, big pharma and the deep state to create and distribute the bioweapons aka: vaccines via Operation Warp Speed. People make excuses that he was misled. If that’s true he has certainly never hinted as much. But it’s due to his ego, right? We make excuses after excuses. Trump gets cut an eternal pass.

Meanwhile VAERS gets ignored. The preponderance of those dying suddenly is ignored. All cause mortality spike since shots were administered is ignored. The FOIA data that damns the safety and efficacy they insisted was solid is ignored. And Trump ushering all this in is ignored.

It’s poetically ironic that all the people that shouted from rooftops they’d never take the Trump vaccine actually wound up doing exactly that. Trump had to lose because they wouldn’t have taken it had he won.

Afterwards he faced pushback from his base over suspicions over the jabs which he is at loathe to criticize. So persecutions are orchestrated as deflection. As it garners sympathy everything I just said is forgotten/forgiven. Everyone’s a sucker for a come from behind Horacio Alger story. Trump is the solid winner for 2024.

Meanwhile the depopulation plan moves forward silently under the noise.

Maybe ultimately the shots work similar to a bee sting in an allergic person. The first sting (Part A) illicits little to no symptoms except for some catastrophes which are summarily swept under the rug. So the first round of transfection agents aka: vaccines only harm a fraction while most feel ok. But what if there’s a Part B coming? Like the second bee sting triggering anaphylaxis your immune system goes into overdrive and kills you. Maybe there’s a reason they keep propagandizing the next pandemic.

People wonder how the Soros Democrats can embrace self-defeating policies such as not having kids/abortion, etc. Pundits predict in 50yrs they will have cleansed themselves out of existence. But what if they know something we don’t. What if they’re not worried because they know 2/3rds of the world’s population is going to be exterminated before that happens.

Depopulation solves a lot of resource distribution problems. Including monetary. And facilitates a global government takeover of the western world. It makes the world a better place. For the narcissists in charge.

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When the bodyguards,police and armies realize they have been duped change will happen

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You shouldn't directly embed anything.

If you want your posts to last, they need to be printable. Your article should look the same online as on paper (or PDF). PrintFriendly is the default way to do this. If you embed Tweets, little or nothing shows up in a printed page. Instead, insert a screen shot (FastStone works well) of the Tweet and put a LINK to the tweet behind it.

Personally, I don't know how to do this, but Steve Kirsch does it regularly.

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Here’s the judge we need. Even a state verdict would send a strong message.

Federal Judge Orders FDA to Freeze Approval of Abortion Pill Mifepristone


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Apr 7, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023

Fck Elon. He’s finding out there’s no fence-sitting in this war

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Do you follow Chris Langan? He's been billed as the first smartest guy in the world. I highly recommend

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I always thought of that platform for Twits only. But there are for sure an awful lot of them.

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Here's how the "depopulation" script played out in the old Stargate SG-1 series:

"The Aschen, who lack advanced military capabilities, use a slow-acting bioweapon to seize control of other planets. At first, the effect of their vaccine isn’t obvious, but then the birth rate among the target population starts to drop. Within a decade, 91% of the population is sterile. The plan is genius, because the Aschen never have to fight; all they need to do is wait..."

Source: dystopianliving.substack.com/p/stargate-sg-1-perfectly-explained

Here's a review of previous vaccine programs led by the WHO etc designed to cause sterility: amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/vaccines-have-been-repeatedly-developed

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Thank 2nd.

Musk stalking substack. Now we'll see how substack's founders/owners can withstand his financial clout.

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Please read this article, not much time left. Final harvest of souls is here. https://gods656j4.substack.com/p/daniel-and-revelation-we-must-view

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Twitter is a great gateway to real, considered knowledge, but most gates there lead nowhere. Question is, once one has entered the gate to Substack, why Twitter? I guess that's Musk's dilemma...

I dropped off Twitter quite a while back. Not because I was banned, because the background noise is overwhelming.

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I don't do twitter. No one should. I have never "gotten" it.

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I'm still banned . . gona be "limited-hangout" when I get back . . if ever . . ! #twitterjail

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