I raised my daughter right (critical thinker with just enough 'conspiracy' theory. She didn't get the jab and had a beautiful baby girl. I working to see that she pulls my grand daughters from the vaxx gauntlet going forward.

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Keep them away from the jabs.

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Aug 16, 2022Liked by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

I really didn't expect my prediction of a year ago to be so accurate.

It turns out that the COVID shot really does rival the "morning after pill," aka RU 486, in abortifacient effect. That is, approximately 90%, as I had calculated here from early data:


(Too early still at that time to know much for certain.)

If people had listened to my warnings in February 2021, all of which have now been proven true, there would not be nearly the number of tragedies suffered from these horribly poisonous vaccines.


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And yet they're still deploying it. Against women, children the old, the young. I'm so frustrated that the narrative continues no matter what real data they are presented with.

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When all the proof slowly becomes known to those who are beginning to doubt the governments frightening propaganda about the danger of covid & the so called " safe & effective" jab with its 1290 serious adverse effects the tide will turn. Its only time before the evil elite & other guilty parties will pay the price for what they have done.

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another "conspiracy" theory... lets check with fact checkers ...

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Well...those pharma guys knew and the jab was released anyway. Murder Inc.

No one in the biz, from "development" to administration of the jab is innocent.

Further (not to add to the trauma) every health care advisor knows PG women

are not to take any drug compounds whatsoever, and PG women should know! not to

consume any alcohol, cigarettes, drugs of any kind, synthetic food and so on.

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Also that report was first released in December 2021. It keeps getting recycled every month with each Pfizer batch of documents released as if its new

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How long does it take to have a successful pregnancy outcome. 9 months. That data is from a period less than 3 months from the start of vaccinations. It only makes sense that the majority of outcomes would be bad outcomes.

The rest would still be in process.

Also, they don't know the denominator. Not everyone used V-Safe so Pfizer has no way to determine how many were pregnant when they got vaxxed. Also while not everyone files a VAERS report, you dont file one if you had a healthy baby delivery

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