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The Expose is excellent. They have lots of articles on vaccine injured, fails etc and of course are banned everywhere. You cannot even look them up from regular search engines. I recently changed to Brave search to find anything at all.

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"this hardly concerns the NAZI 2.0 Technofascist Cult, who clearly wrongly believe that they can contain a black swan genetic event from their global GMH experiment"

This is one of the reasons for the useless PCR test, in my opinion. There is ample evidence that they are being used to harvest genome sequencing from individuals, presumably so they have a fallback plan in case of a black swan scenario.

Certainly this data is being sent to Illumina: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/pcr-testing-and-the-genome-beast

and I've seen several accounts of it being sent to China as well.

I've always felt that this was due to the potential genetic issues that result from a wide-scale genocide (see American bison), but there may be multiple reasons as this article demonstrates.

"A major problem that bison face today is a lack of genetic diversity due to the population bottleneck the species experienced during its near-extinction event"

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Great post

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Astonishing information, thanks for posting! I have always wondered about cellular mutation/division and epigenomics ;)

Pandora's box has opened, messing with the creators natural design may have extremely grave consequences.




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