Now you know why JFK wanted to end the CIA and was killed for it.

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As Icke has been saying for many years - if you want to know where they are taking us - look at China. That's the template. I fear many of us, still sleeping, who have digested the conflicting lies and hang on to irrational narratives, will still go along.

Thank you for continuing to point out where we are and where 'they' wish to take us.

More than ever, Do Not Comply.

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2nd. What's your take on this?

Blood transfusion risks are hot topic today with Kirsch interview in NZ:...

Listen to what Dr. McCullough actually said recently. It's clear he thinks both mRNA and the ability to reproduce spike protein INDEFINITELY Is transmissible via exosome shedding ect to unvaxxed persons. (He recommends min on no sex for 90 days but admits this may be way too short). All of this seems transmissible by transfusion, so when he told Steve it's "safe" he really just means we're trusting the blood bank to spin out the platelets 100% perfectly so other components don't get injected too? I'll pass. Listen!!


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Why are these type of China videos always in Portrait frame with zero context. None of the previous ones (e.g. people dropping dead in the streets) were factual. I don't doubt something is in the works, but Propaganda goes both ways 🤷

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I want off this planet.

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why are the citizens not burning the internet to the ground?

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“Babylon is global and God is pulling evil out of the darkness so we can see it, so we can make our choice. Those who want to go the way of Babylon, there’s no hope for them.

Let’s not lose sight at what God is doing. Right now, we’re in judgment, and this is sifting. There is a split going on for two different paths. Then there’s going to be those, a remnant, who choose to go the path that’s going to lead to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

With these quantum systems, instead of an explosion of evil - that’s global - what we’re seeing is God is pulling evil out from behind the scenes where it’s always been. And what’s going to happen is an implosion of evil that’s all going to get sucked into these quantum systems; which is going to become an alternate reality and those that go in it are going to be locked in it until it’s eventually thrown in the lake of fire.

But what we have to understand is that Babylon is global, and we are all embedded in it; and the Bible says,

“Come out of her my people, unless you partake in her sin.”

We have to understand the pyramid schemes and the root of these problems, but we also have to understand that it is our financial system, our governmental systems, our education systems, our logistics systems… It’s all tied to Babylon.

None of it is the way of the Most High and how He intended us to be. So, His remnant (us) has to be willing to break free at this point in time. Can you leave the money system behind and walk as Jesus taught us to walk in community and love with your neighbors? Can we stand on biblical morals and principles as a community? And Commandments, we have only one law which belongs to the Most High - no centralized bodies of control. So the world we’re in now, no, there’s no hope, but if we’re willing to make the changes and break free, we’ll be placed on a path to the Kingdom of Heaven.” - love.lee.777

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Let’s consider the birth of big data-

I’m using Black’s finding of IBM and the Holocaust.

It was the card punch/reader Hollerith system that enabled the cross referencing from the census, tax offices, and health authorities to firstly identify the unproductive useless eaters that later progressed to J’s. It was always under the auspices of maintaining the health of the nation.

IBM never apologized for setting the German system up and maintaining them at camps (extermination HEALTH CONTROL CAMPS, and Slave Labour until death camps )

Speaking of not apologizing-Bush Shwab Soros Ford Rockefeller

So computers (Big Data Analysis) were borne for evil purposes.

Then are computers under the control of Satanic Powers?

Recall modern internet was a DoD device.

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Nothing will change here/USA until people are literally starving in the streets, then those light posts will come in handy. It happens like this every time revolution starts brewing. We're not even remotely close to that. Never comply and read the bible.

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The China file. Is a file that we see so that we are prepared when they try it here. And or for the moral authority to go to another expensive war. Stand with tianemen. That's why they cover it but not any other single protest. Let's guess what the Cia calls the Op. Project ?

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It's too HORRIFIC for Words. But this is what happens when people follow without question. This tyranny was lined for!! The ones who resisted have been terrorized; now it's the other way around. Shame on China! ... but maybe this is what it takes for these people to stop being soldiers of the State. Here in SF, with few exceptions, most people are un-masked. I walk through chinatown, and everyone is still masked, INCLUDING THE LITTLE CHILDREN. It brakes my heart, but even here they follow China's ways, and here the have a CHOICE! Live and learn my friends; this is a TURNING POINT. Drones and Big Pharma Policing us!? Really!? ... HA, I laugh at the millions who called us CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!!

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Not just for Uyghurs.

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Who says the prison is for Chinese citizens? Why do we think a burgeoning imperial power like China wants to enslave only those within its borders?

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People in the UK/Wales now EATING PET FOOD warmed over candles because that's all they can afford.

- Some are HEATING food with candles because they have no power

- What pet food would you eat if that were your last remaining option?


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