I don't really accept the compounding mathematics there, one would need to be vaccinated every year continually for that to be in line with the assumptions posed.

But really it doesnt matter.

Lots of people are going to get very sick, disabled and many die, and the unvaxxed are left to keep the wheels on this world spinning in the meantime.

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Since we have now won the war against the PSYOP our three-pronged focus needs to shift to advocating for the immediate cessation of the antivaccine, discovering ways to mitigate the short-term and long-term effects on people who took the antivaccine, and getting justice from international health, local public health, PHARMA, medical, media, and government (at all levels) decision-makers. Many people in these realms are guilty of negligent homicide. Some committed crimes against humanity. Many lower-level people need reeducation and treatment for mass formation.

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Along with the reduced lifespan is a plethora of nagging health issues, medical appointments, and expensive co-pays.

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Even before that, HowBad.info proved they wanted to kill you: they labelled the more toxic lethal vials before putting them in our veins. Some cures: FLCCC

I worry more about what's next in their plans:


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The horror grows. Unfortunately.

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It is a leap. I dont think that it works like that. What was the life expectancy of a Jew in a prison camp? Well zero but many survived until old age.

Life expectancy data has serious flaws. It is the average age a person is supposed to survive or live. Taking all cause mortality factors into account. The Vaccines do kill and provide very little protection. But many more are surviving with little or no side effects.

And projecting deaths from this is weather man extrapolation, plink plank plunk method. It was here, now it is there, so it will be here next.

These numbers prove that the vaccines are dangerous and provide zero benefit. That they reduce the overall mortality age is true but avoids the survival rate which is really the number we are looking for.

Let's avoid weather numbers. Because they fight the truth when we go out there and they own the truth with their narrative.

Let's say, the numbers tell us that you have a 10 percent chance of cancer a 2 percent chance of myocarditis and a 20 percent chance of other side effects. But a .2 percent chance of preventing COVID.

These are numbers people will read and believe and are irrefutable.

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Well looks like they figured out how to limit the payments from social security.

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I am horrified, you have ripped the veil off the evil. How can we fight back??

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Of course there is a compounding effect, as the weakened immunity further damages your vascular system, cardiovascular, lungs and bronchial airways, all of the major organs.. If you are driving around in a broken down car, and the tailpipe is broken, and dragging, eventually it can pull the muffler down, etc. So if you have a damaged immune system, that will slowly BUT SURELY CONTINUE TO WEAKEN AND DRAIN OTHER SYSTEMS, IF YOUR OXYGEN SATURATION IN THE BLOOD IS LESS DUE TO THE VACCINE INDUCED CLOTS, CERTAINLY ALL OF YOUR ORGANS WILL BE WEAKENING ANNUALLY IN A COMPOUNDING EFFECT. THE VACCINE DOES NOT "WEAR OFF" THE CLOTS ARE NOT NATURAL BUT MADE OF GRAPHENE OXIDE AND FORMED W OTHER HEAVY METALS THAT WILL NOT BREAK DOWN IN YOUR LIFETIME.

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"Up to" this whole article is ridiculous in its framing, in the sense that there is no way to know, and to extrapolate to entire lifetimes is ridiculous after 2 years of data.

The vaccine seems like a new risk factor, like obesity, like smoking, like environment, etc, somethings raise your chances, somethings lower your chances, but to present everything in terms of numbers like this is part of the problem that leads us into so many messes of fear driven decision making.

How do these numbers adjust if you take what you are selling VIR-X? How do your numbers adjust with certain diets, with certain exercise, with certain other clearance compounds, where you live, genetics, etc. Which batches you received, which country you received them in? From what I recall AEs clustered in certain areas too which indicated poor QC or intentional testing on populations.

Absolutely meaningless framing here in line with the reasoning that leads people into the grips of harmful treatments and interventions in the first place.

Inputs are obscure, can be obfuscated, can be biased, can be misrepresented, and have a clear purpose. There is so much that is not useful here, talking to someone and saying you have 24 years robbed is a losing approach in my opinion.

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For those that might remember, this all started with Surgisphere. Or did it?


It is unbelievable that ANYONE was ever put into this position. But this will give more of the ammunition to why it happen.

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assuming with the new lines of mRNA LNP products the recipients continue to be poisoned and the toxicity effect accumulates linearly or progressively until an immune dysfunction threshold gets reached and the individual is killed. This will of course be attributed to a climate change heat wave or whatever fits the narrative of the day.

Would it be possible to calculate the depopulation trajectory for mRNA addicted countries with a lower and upper szenario in (all cause) mortality?

Knowing the rough numbers has huge economic and socio-cultural implications. Labor shortages, inability to fight kinetic wars, loss of experience based knowledge, breakdown of health care and elderly care systems, demand destruction for consumables, energy, psychological/neurological breakdown, etc.

Imho it would be wise to plan and mentally prepare for the worst and hope for the best case possible.

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What a wild time to be alive.

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In spite of the mass of data and much of it government health data they are still, in Australia, pushing mRNA boosters. Criminals are doing this.

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This is self-inflicted torture. People are dumb enough to believe the so-called authorities. Now, all shot up with poison, these same people are walking zombies with one foot in the grave. They still need housing, medical care, etc but they contribute nothing. They will comply and vote and make this world a shit place to live just from the mere fact that they are still breathing.

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