The people that talks about depopulation are all censored like the people that falls from the official narrative of this plandemic.

There will come a paradigm shift when man will understand the hoax of ‘viruses’ and the very unhealthy interference from the pharmaceutical industrial complex that has been ongoing for way too long. All this has lured people into beLIEving that they need to be vaccinated in order not to get a disease.

Mankind needs to be more involved in their own health and medical professionals needs to go back to a more natural and healing approach where the body and soul is one. Health care should not be run by governments or self proclaimed so called health officials that in fact are no more than paid off bureaucrats that are just following orders from their masters.

The corruption is widespread on a grand global scale. The time is up to stop this now, not tomorrow, NOW.

And that is foremost done by not complying.

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Jun 19, 2022·edited Jun 19, 2022

I wonder what the world will look like this time next year. It seems signals are popping off at a quicker pace that the jab is doing its job.

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I just received the following email:

Many insurance companies sold aggressively priced Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) insurance policies from 2000 to 2014. The carriers are now realizing that they mispriced these guaranteed policies and want to buy these policies back from the policy owner.

How are policy owners contacted...

First, the life insurance company will send out an Enhanced Surrender Offer Letter to the policy owner. In this letter, the insurance company offers to buy back the policy at a higher value than the current surrender value.

What should the policy owner know?

When a carrier offers to buy back a policy it previously sold to a policy owner, it's probably a great policy. In that situation, we recommend your policy owner keeps the policy or finds a family member who may want to take it over (typically a son or daughter). If your policy owner still decides to proceed with liquidating the policy, there are alternative options.

What steps should you take?

If you have a policy owner that receives an enhanced surrender offer letter, contact Evolved to complete a market valuation. This market valuation will help you and the policy owner make a well-informed decision on maximizing the policy value. This is done through an open auction process which will allow the policy owner to receive competitive bids, learn the actual value, and what a third party is willing to pay for the policy.

If you think you have a life settlement opportunity, you can call me direct, submit your life settlement quote online, or schedule a meeting here.

Learn more about Enhanced Surrender Offer Letters

Thank you,

Danielle Massardo

Evolved Life Settlements

NPN License #10209486

Office: 501.404.0000 | Fax: 501.400.8586


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WOW!! And also, to be expected. This may explain the lack of enough employees, etc

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The life insurance companies should be suing the FDA and Pfizer.

Are you aware of any lawsuits of the sort?

Thank you so much for this reporting!

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Here's hoping that Savant ex Blackrock Funds Mgr. , Edward Dowd is presciently correct in his assertion that these wicked ultra corrupt elite WILL NOT ESCAPE as the populace including their abused and duped useful idiots will awaken and their denial will turn to ANGER and this ANGER will be taken out directly on those perpetrators of the greatest fraud and genocide in history ["These former zealots will go postal!" - E.D.] - They, like Fizzer CEO Albert Bourla, will suffer the same fate as Marie Antionette during the French Revolution...


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Jun 19, 2022·edited Jun 19, 2022

I think we are in the "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" part of this charade.......that's what they all seem to be doing at this point.....and we all know how that story played out.....

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The insurance companies can recover if they can get a handle on the long and short term outcomes of being quackcinated before they run out of reserves. They will have to update their mortality tables so that they are in line with the rate of death of the quackcinated. It will also depend on if mortality settles down or continues at rates high above baseline.

It will be interesting to see if quackcination becomes an issue like smoking. Rates for smokers are higher as their mortality has to be accounted for differently than non smokers. If the numbers continue as detailed above, quackcinated smokers could become the highest risk group, followed by quackcinated non smokers, unquackcinated smokers and then unquackcinated non smokers.

That would be a huge shift in the way insurance companies assess risk of new policies. It will be complicated by the number of times people have been quackcinated and with which product. Actuaries have a huge job on their hands as accurate numbers are needed to keep the insurance companies afloat.

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It’s no big deal… people die all the time. Now repeat this for me: The Vaccine is safe and effective.

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lincoln natl ceo better consider opening mumbai and botswana branches.

wait til swiss re gets a hold of this. if they don't already know

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They will have to stop insuring anyone who is vaccinated soon. Then the government will step in and force them to insure them anyway and to keep their mouths shut while doing it.

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I foresee a 'war of the titans' brewing - Global Insurance, which is taking a financial beating due to the mRNA experiment... vs. Global Pharma, which is making obscene profits from the same. Neither of them is going to meekly retreat and leave the field to the other.

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CEO: hey, we’re losing money on our policies, but never fear because we boosted sales! We’re going to make it up on volume! Promise!

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Thank you for bringing it together. My guess: the person who thought he or she was the smartest person in the world is the person who put in place this monstrosity.

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Not surprising. Accidental deaths skyrocketed. 2021 hit new record of 311,000. Previous trends within 220-250k range.

2020 set previous high, 290k.

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I wonder when we’ll start seeing increased premiums for the jabbed.

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