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I’m quite old and a retired military officer. Once the MSM begins beating the war drums at the order of the government the hysteria is unstoppable. Playing us like a cheap violin.

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This all makes Tinker Tailor Spy look like 3 Little Pigs

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"War is a punishment for sin" Our Lady of Fatima.

She came in 1917 because morals were horrible.

100 years later, 64 with Catholic Church in eclipse. Some devils blush at depravity on earth now...

Most of you have never met a Catholic, let alone Catholic priest.

One resident Catholic priest in Texas. (We do have missionary priests from other states).

You know those sex abuse scandals since 60s? Commies and freemasons are running Vatican since 1958..

Enemies of Catholic Church LOVE CHILD RAPE...because Catholic Church gets blamed....but it's not Catholic Church!

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Agree. Predictable. Convenient for Putin since he sees the west is busy fighting the enemies within, the misinformation, racist terrorists. Xi has eyes and ears too.

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how does Europe fare if Putin cuts off the natural gas they supply, accounting for 40% of Europe's consumption?

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