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If Pfizer facilities were in a foreign nation their medical deception and poisoning of our citizens would be deemed an act of war and they would already be a smoking hole in the ground.

Why is geography such an important factor in playing the part of who is an enemy of the people when the facts are so crystal clear already that Pfizer in concert with the government, media and justice system are engaged in genocide.

The canadian government is losing case by case in court. David Lametti the attorney generalissimo stood by and waived all breaches of the Canadian Charter of Rights while doctors and nurses danced in the halls, cops busted heads for no masks and millions of people stood in line rolling their sleeves up like they did in Auschwitz. canadians actually denounced their neighbours like Russian communists feeling the rush of virtue going to their heads like main lining heroin. They actually believed the government. The government lied, so did Pfizer and so did the media. They must be made to answer for their crimes like Kenny and his vendetta against a small time preacher ffs! Because they will do it again and again and again. There is no mechanism to stop them from using the same laws use against us to protect themselves. The naked hypocrisy seems lost on the most canadians.

Every Canadian with even a modicum of moral sense will want their pound of flesh extracted from these white collar criminals and DEMAND that laws be changed so this NEVER happens again.

They want us systematically muzzled so they can work unopposed which almost certainly will lead to acts of violence and resistance as the noose chokes off what is left of democracy and decency in western society. Enjoy your dance canada you do it on the grave of our freedom.

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