Haven't we already concluded that all those biolab pathogens ebola,swine flu, bird flu,sars, covid etc. are ineffective to cause pandemics ? (Even that one who's name escapes me that claimed cause babies to have tiny heads).

They all turned out to be hoaxes. This is well known and documented!

Sure, they were all patented but only to make them seem legit, so fake vaccines could be patented to address fake pandemics.

Thereby to make the masses gullible docile people and make them sick and/or dead.

We don't need any more stories about "gain of function " or other fake technologies in bio-weapons labs in China , Ukraine or anywhere else.

So kindly stop posting this kind of "news". It's confusing your readers.

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Here's one for you posted yesterday. Ventavia whistleblower interviewed, audio only, by TrialSiteNews reporter. https://trialsitenews.com/an-interview-with-brook-jackson-ventavia-and-pfizer-biontech-covid-vaccine-trial-and-whistleblower/ 1hr 40 minutes

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