Here's one for you posted yesterday. Ventavia whistleblower interviewed, audio only, by TrialSiteNews reporter. https://trialsitenews.com/an-interview-with-brook-jackson-ventavia-and-pfizer-biontech-covid-vaccine-trial-and-whistleblower/ 1hr 40 minutes

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Haven't we already concluded that all those biolab pathogens ebola,swine flu, bird flu,sars, covid etc. are ineffective to cause pandemics ? (Even that one who's name escapes me that claimed cause babies to have tiny heads).

They all turned out to be hoaxes. This is well known and documented!

Sure, they were all patented but only to make them seem legit, so fake vaccines could be patented to address fake pandemics.

Thereby to make the masses gullible docile people and make them sick and/or dead.

We don't need any more stories about "gain of function " or other fake technologies in bio-weapons labs in China , Ukraine or anywhere else.

So kindly stop posting this kind of "news". It's confusing your readers.

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(Zika - allegedly)

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Even if they can't cause pandemics using gain of function research, they know how to cause mass behavioral compliance through fear and the desire to restore "normalcy" which isn't normal at all.

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We have two events to consider. first that the representatives have acted to a crisis to save America from a disaster that could have killed millions and left many more as impaired citizens.

Second we have corrupt representatives that acted to control the citizens with false crisis that would cost America billions, leave us within a critical and undefended state. provide a way to reduce the population or the top and most productive citizens. providing billions in profits for drug companies around the world, ensuring the continued flow of dollars that elect these future rulers. The ultimate goals are to provide one rule around the world and eliminate resistance of any kind. It may be too late to change these events, so carefully planned for decades. Enjoy what little freedoms you have left. I as have many warned all for many years on what was coming. Citizens were too interested in keeping their mind occupied with your cell phones and checking on our weather for the next few minutes to see the events of our nations change. Thinking of the horror caused by the few who wish to live like animals, assuming that all act and live like that. believing that everyone lives every moment hating their neighbor because they are of different. Always looking to blame others for your own failures. Well isn't that easer than the effort it takes to change ourselves? We have been taught this method of life from our first days of school. Parents depending upon teachers to get us ready for life. Instead they teach us how to blame the "orange" man for Americas problems. Why are Americas problems the fault of just one man? He must have been very powerful. He single handedly provided America with the lowest unemployment in decades . the lowest energy cost in decades. the highest respect from all nations in decades, without a war. All while fighting the people from within that are trying to gain their own power. Even as president he couldn't know everything. The covid crisis was planned for just such a president. Feeding him so much misinformation he moved in the direction they knew he would take. Protecting the citizen. providing the path to get as many protected as quickly as possible. shortcuts that were a mistake. The path that were set in place were there for a reason. That reason provided for the safety of the citizens. President Trump weighed the possibilities to protect as many and as quickly as possible. Given bad information his decision could only be flawed as well. The media who were also in on the plan to remove the president wouldn't publish this detail.. Our media wants us to be guided through life in ignorant bliss, or the controlled fall that they want us to be controlled under this leadership. We as citizens no longer have the freedom protected under the constitution. What we have is only the illusion of freedom. Keeping us all moving in the right direction and uncomplaining. we now are watching what happens to those who dare rock the boat and dare to oppose governments opinions. the only one we have a right to.. Opposition often becomes so traumatic that suicide is the only path we can take. As opposition grows we will see more prosecutions that will keep us in our place. 2024 will be the pivotal year. proving of voting manipulations will set off the resistance that government will not control. if history has taught us that our civil war was a disaster we barely survived. the next may well destroy us. A war that will show us who are true friends are. The one thing I will predict. We shall no longer have a free country. Do we still have a choice? Can we survive it. time to chose. chose wisely. ----------- I, Grampa

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