Damn !!!! And we have never seen the like of this before. You’d think ESPN Sports illustrated or anyone involved in sports

Would …..ohhh yeah espn is owned by Disney who is owned by ? Some other

Mega globocom to n on the genocide

Never mind.,

My own brother a sports fan will not

Even admit to this crime.

I’d send him this info but his message

Would be I am not participating in your

Tin hat 🎩 conspiracy..

And I’d say whether or not you want to

You are in the damn game.

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Whilst I appreciate what the Expose is doing, I always feel that they can be a bit overly dramatic with their data reports.

One thing that always concerns me, whoever presents data and graphs, is when the dates appear to be cherry picked.

I.E Starting or finishing on an odd date, or not being consecutive.

Why choose 2004 as the cut off date for the monthly averages?

Why not April 2019 or 2020?

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In Ontario, the 5 latest doctor deaths are apparently perfectly normal. Nothing to do with the government requirement for all health care workers to get every booster dose as it becomes available for them, or else.

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Absolutely no comment needed. The info is vital. The Expose is great. You too.

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These numbers are shocking but my immediate thought is that the situation is much worse, because of all the relatively young and healthy non-athletes who have died or otherwise been incapacitated either while exercising or shortly after.

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Thank you - I’ll be spreading this information any and every way I can

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Not to worry! I just read that the reason perfectly healthy people are having fatal heart attacks has been discovered. The water in their showers was too cold.

To prove I didn't make that up:


BUT... to prove that the Echo Chamber DID make that up:

- They all repeat, often word for word, this 'source' for their alarmist statements:


The American Heart Association cites research showing that “plunging into cold water during hot weather can cause heart attacks even in young, fit and healthy individuals”.

The discovery was made in a study published in the journal of Physiology, which explained that the sudden submersion in cold water was harmful to the body.

“The body’s cold shock response speeds up the heart and causes hyperventilation, which can conflict with the diving response, which does the opposite and acts to conserve oxygen,” explains The American Heart Association.


1- There are no such quotes to be found anywhere from the American Heart Association - they are all second-hand.

2- The research in the Journal of Physiology was a study from 2012.

3- The research was about drowning victims who dove into deep, cold rivers/seas in early summer - not a word about cold showers.

But the media is all over it as the latest excuse.

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Good read but i have one problem. I understand the original data was published in 2006. Thats not the problem. Are the total of athletes in the 16 month time span under the age of 35. I noticed the list is all ages. Would liketo use the article but i need someone to verify. It needs to be apples to apples to be a true comparison. Thanks

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what about 2005 onwards?

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Totally insanity brought to us by the totally evil!

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There are some, out and about, and responsible for these crimes, that could

benefit from safe and effective medication, directly into their neocortex.

May they live forever, the clever rascals.

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This is a disaster.

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Wait until an NFL Receiver drops dead on television while running to the end zone for a touchdown.

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