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Hmmmm....really interesting he talks about gold as a nano third DNA strand.

I went down a deep, deep rabbit hole (sorry I know you hate that term) years ago regarding monatomic gold.


This stuff is supposed to do the opposite of what Patch is claiming in this video: liberate the consciousness and perhaps turn you into a Buddha.

Yes, Hudson did go a bit "off the reservation" by claiming he was a direct descendant of King David (the Israelite King of the Bible) but....

I managed to secure a TV slot on a UK broadcaster where we terrified the life out of a celebrity at a castle using a variety of known techniques, including automation and low frequency sounds.

It was hilarious.


Anyway, I'm in that video (no, I'm not that prick Tim) and so is the guy from the London university. He was sound as hell, considering he is in the same department as one of the chief supernatural deboonkers.

We went out for a curry and had a great time. We were both musicians on MySpace and loved each others work. The moral of this anecdote is that I sent him Hudson's ORME research and he concluded that "there was some very interesting chemistry".

I won't claim that monatomic gold is the elixir of alchemists, but it is extremely interesting. FWIW, I have drunk 24k flaked gold espresso in Abu Dhabi and can confirm gold in its normal form has no effect on the human body.

Probably a useless post ultimately, but whatever. :)

I have tried ingesting ORMEs but given my susceptibility to supernatural phenomena, I stopped. I don't understand it and therefore don't want it in my life.

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What do you think of Dr. and Patent Investigator David Martin's work? https://rumble.com/vy9wm1-dr.-david-martin-we-are-allowing-human-organisms-to-become-bioweapon-factor.html

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Out with the Old narrative, in with the New...

(Not surprising considering the only reason there was ever even a show "investigation" was due to the 9/11 Mom's raising hell. Even then they spent a paltry sum, less than one tenth of the Watergate budget, and 9 of the 12 handpicked commissioners have since come out saying the investigation was bunk and the military industrial complex sidelined and gaslit their efforts.


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So there's a "moral independence" gene that the injection can turn off. The WEFers are missing this gene.

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