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The Triumph of Inversion

-JR Nyquist 4-10-2020

"Socialism will usher in a new era in this country. The great wealth of the United States will for the first time be for the benefit of all the people."


"Twenty-one years ago I was having coffee in Washington, DC, with former British MP John Browne, Newsmax chief editor Missy Kelly, and Col. Stanislav Lunev, a GRU defector to the United States. John was waxing eloquent on the idea that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan had saved the West from socialism. As Missy showed interest in John’s thesis, Lunev leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'I don’t understand this.' Lunev then added, 'America is the Marxist paradise. Russia is dog-eat-dog capitalism.' ... continues..."


"Stanislav Lunev was born in Leningrad, to the family of a Soviet Army officer. He graduated from the Suvorov Military School in Vladikavkaz and then from Joint Arms High Command Military Academy.He then worked as a GRU intelligence officer in Singapore in 1978, in China from 1980, and in the United States from 1988. He defected to US authorities in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a consultant to the FBI and the CIA." -Wiki

Yes, "America is the Marxist paradise" said Stanislav Lunev.

Years ago I made the statement "Russian Communists, Chinese Communists, Cuban Communists, North Korean Communists, Vietnamese Communists, and all the rest, had better watch out for the American & other Western Communists their decades of subversion have created. Eventually, the World Revolution will come back to devour them."

The "center" of that revolution has shifted, from Moscow, to Washington DC, Brussels, New York City, Singapore, and other western cities.

We are seeing Russia collapse, can China be far behind?

2SG, you said "Marxism and socialism have proved to be colossal failures all over the world."

Yes, they were failures, only Cambodia tried to kill a high enough percentage of the people to make it a success, and ultimately, they failed. Because they could not kill everybody.

This "Modern Marxism" has the technology, they have the will, to pass 'malaria' as the big killer. We may find the 2cnd Amendment to be "inadequate."

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Burn the Bolshevik!

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