All these individuals and entities are cancer that has metastasized throughout humanity. The cancer is so pervasive that it is beyond being able to be cured and will soon destroy the host.

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You're hitting on all cylinders!!! What will fail or the way it will is they are forcing their dystopia down our throats A REALLY STUPID MOVE. Did they think we were finished? Personally, I haven't started fighting yet. A little like when gays wanted equal rights, not that many had a problem. Special rights, BIG PROBLEM and it put a few in boxes.

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Good always defeats evil... really ? I agree that the Vanguard Group and Blackrock heavily influence all that happens worldwide. They own controlling interest in all companies globally... and in all governments. A sad state affairs. And what the hell can be done about it ?

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Steve Schwarzman was also Skull & Bones, from the same class as George W...68' I think.

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The previous article points out the link between BlackRock and Blackstone, but failed to mention that Pete Peterson of Blackstone was the CFR chairman (1985-2006) when BlackRock was founded. Treasury secretary Yellen is a CFR member, and former secretary Geithner is a CFR director.

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They will be crying over their spilled milk. We will refuse to comply en masse...and it will be one big MESS.

No shots, no inhalants, no digital ID or $, no lab food, no dead people compost

They can and will SUCK IT. Hard.

This is the only hill to die on.

Congress is useless.

Interesting (albeit redundantly written) piece here:


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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

When Biden won the election the stock markets should of dived. But they didn’t!!!

Normally when you you get lefties in government that are anti oil ...that takes a hit on the petro dollar and the USA dollar as the reserve currency.

The solution they manufactured? A petty war in Ukraine! They create chaos in Eurasia to keep the dollar and economy afloat in the USA/ Canada and the UK to a degree. They learned from the mistakes they made when Obama was in office.

There is a few articles about this out there that are suppressed. Even on Facebook they are shadow banning comments pointing this out.

Blackrock, Vanguard are chinas/ Marxists puppets playing games with the world. They are ruining the middle class.

If the left wants green policies .... that means the end to our petro dollar. The only thing to save it is chronic world chaos and fake wars to prop it up!!! Fake energy crisis!!!

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I still stand on Y-h’s promises.

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The great expert in technocracy Patric Wood pointed out in this huge but fantastic interview some years back that Trilateral Commission has been created by the usual suspects with main agenda: recreation and practical implementation of technocratic society.

Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 1 of 3)

Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 2 of 3)

Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 3 of 3)

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Good always defeats evil

Usually at the cost of tens if not hundreds of millions of lives

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Well 2nd,

It seems the wealthiest, and thus the most influential financial interests have

all thrown into the plot to bring the Neo-feudalism agenda to the peasants (and

soon to be peasants) to their end. White Anglo-Saxons have the nick-name of

"pig nose" and we will be the first to go.

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Thank you for all the info - which is so needed - and a reason why they will fail.

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Has anyone been watching the 9 part of Propaganda Exposed Uncensored? https://go2.propaganda-exposed.com/docuseries/episode-6/

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And, to be consequent, the real driving force, has to be a different dimension, non-human force. Even those few billionaires and monarchs allegedly pulling the strings have to be answering to their handlers, if we choose calling Luciferian the “driving force” they answer to.

Obviously such a non-human, dark force has been in existence forever, whether it is called Satan or Lucifer, Archons, Jinn, Chitauri and alike, depending on culture, location and systems of belief.

Modern societies have been conditioned not to believe in their existence despite overwhelming evidence written in rituals, artifacts and subculture. Somebody once said that the real victory of Satan comes from the fact that people rejected it’s existence.

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