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And taxes without representation - which we do not have - or accountability via audits are unconstitutional.

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In the meanwhile, "debts" to the Fed are secured; the collateral, according to such contracts, is "all citizens' work, limbs, and assets."

By the way, all Americans with a business can use offshore accounts, too, that simply deduct a minor fixed amount for the IRS from the proceedings.

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Don’t forget these IRS people can be heavily armed.


I’m thinking we’re going to find out the hard way at some point why the state put all that money into arming tax collectors.

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The IRS is not reachable. Customer service is pathetic. I have never seen anything like it. My congressman is impotent in getting me help from them

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600.00 purchases cause an audit for underground economy

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Another $80 billion to help us with our “voluntary” “gift” to the Fed Reserve to apply towards “our” interest owed on “our” debt generously caused by our elected selfish, serf serving politicians and the Fed Reserve printing press. Thanks, Biden for your thoughtful ness. Always there when needed, and can spare a little time from sending hundreds of billions (the printing press again running up “our” debt) for Ukraine.

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Taxes on Federally-Connected income are -not direct taxes.-

This is a Red Herring and specious argument.

They are excises on a particular voluntary behavior. I.e. performing the functions of a Federally-connected office. It's right there in black and white: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/7701

If you are not:

1. A Federal Civil Service employee or that of any of the "State of State," "County of County," or "City of City" Federal franchise corporations or a dependent of someone who is

2. A member of the foreign services ("US Armed Forces) or a dependent of someone who is

3. A welfare recipient

4. A corporation


5. A refugee or asylum seeker

Then you don't have Federal income, and you can't pay taxes on it! And in fact, to do so is a crime!

The issue remains, however, that most people claim to be in one of these statuses, even if they aren't. That's where the trouble arises, since they are guilty under 18 USC 911 and 912 ("falsely claiming to be a US Citizen or US officer" respectively).

In fact, anyone reading 26 USC 7701 should immediately notice a bunch of massive red flags. For instance, getting "legally married" creates a "Domestic Partnership" (an Incorporated Joint Venture domiciled in the District of Columbia, since "domestic" means "within the District of Columbia").

A "Person" is explicitly defined as only variations of corporations ("individual" is a type of corporation, not a living man or woman).

A "withholding agent" is a government employee. So the big hook is, if you are acting as a withholding agent by filling out the "1040 Bond" Form for Federal Individuals (1040 Federal Individual Tax Form), you -are- claiming to be a "US Officer!" Automatic violation of 18 USC 912!

#20 is hilarious, they assidiously avoid providing the definition (it is a bunch of equivocation about -what insurance and employee is eligible for, but doesn't answer the damn question!), but we can find it elsewhere: the definition of "employee" in the "US Code" is -A Government Worker!-

See for yourselves: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/5/2105

The big one, though, is #26, "Definition of a Trade or Business" (which is associated with "income," only those engaged in a "Trade or Business" within "United States" are assumed to have "taxable income.")

The definition is: "The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office."

Oh, and the "special definition" of "includes" is provided as well, lest you think it is the same as the "English dictionary definition:"

(c) Includes and including

The terms “includes” and “including” when used in a definition contained in this title shall not be deemed to exclude other things otherwise within the meaning of the term defined.

Translation from legalese: includes means "only things that are virtually the same, excluding everything else."

Ok, so Trade or Business means "functions of a public office, and all things similar to a public office."

A car mechanic isn't a public office. A plumber is not a public office.

So, if you can prove that you aren't holding a public office, are not a "US Citizen" or a "citizen of the United States," then you can politely tell the IRS to pound sand.

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Wow!! 80 billion. Could be used for inflation relief!!! But that isn't of interest to the government which is behind the current mess.

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They must plan on hiring the illegals coming in from our southern border to be the enforcers as nobody can find enough human help these days. The IRS will arm all these young men and have them knock on our doors.

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That 80 billion will be all spent on pork . The IRS doesn’t pay shite unless your upper level management. Clerks were quitting left and right at the IRS to work at McDonald’s and Walmart instead because they were only getting 12 to 14 bucks an hour! What a joke huh!

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I mean… somebody’s gotta work what with all the “this isn’t a recession, it’s job shrinkage” going on.

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