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They want you controlled broke, maimed, sterilized and ultimately, dead.

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Great article that ties much of this current and looming disaster together! Well done!

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The WEF is a joke.

A Communist front company and nothing more.

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My doctor cut a polypsyop off of my colon last month.

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I felt like I was reading a new version of 1984 when I read this post. Yesterday a 40 year old man died suddenly and unexpectedly at a gym in town. Also yesterday my wife was driving and a car was not moving at a green light and when she passed it in the opposite direction she saw a young woman looking passed out or dead with her head back in the driver’s seat.

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My take on it all.


Too late. Not a nightmare. Now reality.

Andy Bunting

2 hr ago

WAKE UP PEOPLE. This is yet another proof that the 1World Government already rules the world.

Here already. Not just a threat anymore. Humanity is now totally enslaved.

Think I'm joking? WEF, NWO, UN, WHO, TNI. All just slithering out of the darkness into light.

LAW? What law? Whose law? Where? Not an uncorrupted legal system left anywhere on earth.

Know this any USA & UK law suits either get tossed immediately, or get bogged down in "process" for years. Then remember how many years any legal appeals take?

Thanks for reading Andy’s Skint Older Blokes Musings!!

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Yes, the banksters and their totalitarian cronies want us dead.

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I like to think of it as: "They're going to make it illegal to not be dead."

I'm in the process of emotionally preparing myself to break this law.

As for their Number 1 crisis, I wrote the piece below - about what matters in such times.

As Fran and I say to each other: "In a war such as the one we're fighting, winning means invalidating the game."


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To get news on this stuff that's not coming entirely from the cabal, here's other alternative news pages I visit regularly in order from most visibly true to most mysterious:





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They are throwing every type of shit against the wall to see what sticks. Escalation of overlapping emergencies so the public gives up more power and freedom to these sick demons. Their hangings can't come soon enough.

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In a state of delirium or a forgotten dream.

I saw the world jabbed to death, or at least enduring weakening, again and again.

The discussion I recall made it all make sense. Repetitive messaging, psyops attempts.

Tracers installed, global connects.

Bunkers, the metaverse, haphazard sects.

Satellite images watch from above.

Star-link network are given a buzz.

Weather manipulation too, it starts in the skies.

Radio waves, spreading the lies.

Beaming images across the whole ionosphere. Holograms. Data. Heightening fears.

Famine and a second depression is coming for us.

A lack of social order, civil war thus erupts.

Global war escalates and so many are consumed.

Prison camps and resistance, sent to their doom.

Survivors hunted down by third world slaves.

Armored and actioned by those handsomely paid.

UFOs in the skies, a brave few amazed.

Bombed to high hell, those who appear unafraid.

So the world is left empty, quite still and green

Except those who remain entirely unseen.

To escape this cascade of cataclysmic events.

In the age of Aquarius as Saturn repents.

Escapes me.

I'm genuinely stumped.

How do we get ourselves

Out of this slump?

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Everything is a crisis to these people. I'm sure they have a "final solution" in store

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Yup. If a psyop won't do it - the way druggies need ever higher doses of whatever drug they're ingesting - then, there we are, polypsyops. Of course they want that as the real op is on its way.

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I used to love John Lennon's song Imagine. Now it just sounds like a theme song for the WEF!

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"In other words, according to the WEF the only answer is more of the same unelected and installed “penetrators”ushering in their hypercentralized One World Government dystopia."

Same as it ever was

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They mentioned your article on Infowars (Greg Reese Report) (The one about red states getting kill shots). Woohoo the Substack ecosystem! Solo fist pumps were had!

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