Great Article! Thank you for sharing your observations. The similarities between what you are describing and whats going on in Kosovo are astounding. The same tactics, vocabulary, scenarios...muslims are brought in via "open" borders overpopulating the native land of Serbs, terrorizing and demanding " independence". Soros enabled destabilization of Europe.

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Speaks to Secure Borders....seems to me agenda 1. Create crisis in one country 2. Create refugees

( refugees easy to mangae desperate) send them packing to other countries 3. Create rifs with culture integration 4. Destroy any Nationalism.....Deep state simple fuckery... Build OUR damn Wall or otherwise America will have the same exact issues just adding on to the ones we have now.

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Basem Mahmoud is probably correct, Sweden will be Somalia North in 10 years.

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I've been watching the situation escalate for over 15 years. Amazing what a strangle hold the mind-numbers have on a huge chunk of the population. The facts have been there all along.

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I wonder if other Scandinavian countries in a similar position? If not, why?

This is a tragedy for Sweden, it seems the US is headed that direction 😵‍💫

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Sweden is no more and every country in western Europe will follow suit, UK included.

There aren't enough working synapses to build an ant brain where the mighty Vikings used to live, everyone is busy chipping themselves, stuffing their gobs with cockroaches and queuing for the 58th clot shot.

The Eastern Block must be revived and a strong border drawn across the continent, to protect the Eastern civilisations from the western shithole. No immigration, no matter the circumstances.

Muslims, jews, africans and natives of any western country given 8 hours to live the zone or be executed on sight.

The western weaklings will perish by their own stupidity , laziness and cowardice. There will be long wars between the western shithole and the Eastern civilisation which will eventually win, hunt and destroy the mongrelised population and take dominion over the western territories, all the way to the Atlantic.

America and Canada are quickly becoming one unified Chinese overseas territory, with a small percentage of their natives allowed to live inside the borders only as third class citizens, not allowed to own property or touch money, only to do menial jobs for basic food.

New Zealand will be given back to its original owners with a limited autonomy, while Australia and Northern Africa will be under Russian control, and South Africa ruled by China, with special economic status for a while. Muslims will be gradually diluted and their savage cult of war and death will be eventually extinguished and forgotten, blacks will go back to doing what they know best - serve their new Masters - while jews will be erased completely, for they are of no use to anyone.

This is the future, with possible minimal changes here and there. Enjoy ツ

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It won’t be long at all before we can substitute United States for Sweden in this article. We are doing the same thing by opening up our border. The writing was on the wall for Sweden years ago and it is on the wall for us. This country already will never be the same.

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Exactly what they want to happen in the US. They want any excuse to persecute America First

voters as domestic terrorists, to declare martial law, and to lock us down and steal the election again through mail-in voting.

Thanks for another great article!

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Infidel for life

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What’s amazing.

Is how Political Correctness was able to take over countries.

Get called a name. Instead of discussing or immediately shutting down that lie.

People hung their heads and allowed a Marxist Communist Agenda to overtake their countries. As planned.

Like with Obama, dislike his policies, get called a racist. Immediately shutting down conversation.

It was so obvious, the trajectory has always been control.

Replacing the populace with government slaves who are happy to stay that way.

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Ingrid Carlquist,

a brave Swedish journalist in the Alternative Media.

Listened to her at the Alternative Media book fair a little over a week ago in Stockholm.

The theme of this particular fair was Free speech and our rights to communicate with each other as the attacks and hardening censorship from our government and the tech companies is in free fall.

She is talking about what’s in the written article shared here.

The interview is about 1h


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Swedes have fallen over themselves to prove that each is more virtuously tolerant than the next, never more so than at election time. This is the dividend of their folly, the reversal of which appears close to impossible.

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