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Seen it and it is worth watching.

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This comment tells the truth:

Thanks for bringing this out.


Video doesn’t seem to be bringing out the perspective of Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Sam Bailey, etc. within 20 minutes of watching the video, which means that it does not effectively challenge the existence of the pandemic itself, at the start.

Video covers, how the definition of vaccines were changed to push bio-weapons, but they did not cover the change in definition of pandemic itself, to push “mild symptoms” as a “pandemic”. Nor does it bring out Prof Kary Mullis’ perspective on the PCR tests not being a diagnostic tool, but just a research tool, thereby debunking the existence of the pandemic itself which is solely based on PCR tests and cases.

Nor does the video contain info that being an experimental trial, not all vials are the same. This should be used to explain how they made intended harmful medical events from these bio-weapon jabs, look like rare adverse events.

Also it does not cover how to diagnose to rule out the possible side effects (D-dimer, RDW, platelets, Hb, LFT, WBC) and detox using CDS, and others.

Nor does it bring out the angle of 5G radiation’s ability to further increase risks amongst vaccinated. Which is the reason why people need to urgently detox.

So in the absence of these angles it becomes the tool in the hands of the perpetrators to create more fear mongering amongst the vaccinated, thereby killing them further out of fear, even amongst those that are perhaps only saline vaccinated so far.

Since the perpetrators now will switch to killing using 5G and and climate manipulation, it is desirable for the perpetrators to fear-monger vaccines, as they know that these videos will be prevented from getting mainstreamed. Most people will keep lining up for the jabs. Amongst those that get out of the MSM will be stuck in the rabbit hole of movies like these, and spread fear of vaccine injuries.

But we need vaccinated people not to fear having taken the shots, only to stop taking any further. Also to detox from the harmful effects, if their magical body has not yet done that. Also vaccinated need to unite with unvaccinated and take down the 5G towers and prep for the incoming climate disasters, and to move out of the central banking scam that funds these fake pandemics, fake wars, religious divide, controlled oppositions, government officers, politicians, doctors, pharmaceuticals, media, et all.

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SOOOO very good and needed.....share far and wide.....

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Very good, half way through...long. Excellent documentary

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Everyone should see this! May want to check out the official HHS BUDGET 2023 FORCED MANDATORY mRNA GENE CODED THERAPIES aka TRUMP'S JABS. DOWNLOAD THE PDF SCROLL DOWN pg 8 Not the # page 8! See what the US communist GOVERNMENT did. Better share it & start raising HELL! Building a Healthy America!


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Thanks for link to view.

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Thanks! Sharing this.

Do you have a channel on Brighteon.com ? Promote it with Mike Adams / Health Ranger ?

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This was really well done. Very comprehensive, calm, collected, and rational. Thanks for sharing!

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I don't get the opening of the film. It is hard to be presented with someone so choked up w/ grief when it is out of context and the person is unknown to you, & undeveloped as a character in the film. Later we learn his wife actually committed suicide, & didn't die of an adverse reaction to the shot, as is your assumption at this point. Very good info thruout, but in terms of filmmaking perhaps a D+, as it jumps around too much and lacks much of the outlined, carefully scripted cause & effect reasoning that the best documentaries possess. Apologize for criticism of an important video - can't help being the film guy that I am.

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I watched this last night. Everybody should see it. Very disturbing.

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