"Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community – you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world,” Schwab said.

Spoken like the true elitist fascist scum that he is. What Hitler 2.0 doesn't realize is that there will be resistance to his diabolical plans. He is living in a fantasy land with his cult followers. Who the fuck does this scum bucket think he is? Supreme Emperor? Fuck him and the political whores he thinks he will ride in on.

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They're all in one place right now are they not?

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"The vaccine does not prevent COVID ....."

That's all 99.9% of the people need to know, your statement is a lie, Mr. Tedros, it is


This guy, Schwab, does the worst impression of a Bond 'Supervillain' out there.

Somebody tell the Communists that they aren't getting their money's worth.

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Question,and please don't beat me up in your answers. Why is it mostly a German that always wants to control the world. I'm starting to feel a bit racist.

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Daily reminder that Bolsonaro is the ONLY world leader to be formally reported for crimes against humanity (for NOT enforcing lockdowns and other draconian measures).

We left Clown World some time last year. The only level below Clown World, as far as I can tell, is Hell.

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Alas, Bolsonaro does hideous colonialist destruction of the Amazon and its indigenous peoples. He is hardly a good guy!

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Klaus is not in charge. If you see their faces they aren't in charge.

Klaus is a dead man walking. He and tedros , Dan andrews, health officer and gates have been bitching about attacks on them. THEY HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. NONE.

Btw, read Twitter comments. They can't censore everyone. We have like minded people everywhere

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Narcissistic psychopaths don’t like being told no.

Laugh at these lunatics, they also hate being mocked

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We need to remember those who defy the WEF and the liberal fascist globalists.

We need to find ways to promote them, support them, defend them... as we know the forces darkness will seek to do the opposite.

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Biden and Boris better listen .... let that be a lesson to everyone else.

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Glad to see others rejecting this treaty! Some say Biden can commit us to the treaty without the Senate ratifying it. He can't. Period. There are NO if, ands, or buts about that. But as it happened enough countries objected to it that it has been dropped as an issue at least for this year. In the meantime, sorry Klaus, but we're just not interested in your GD 'reset'.

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May 28, 2022·edited May 28, 2022

I can't find Bolsonaro on the list of Clown Schwab's followers in Brazil(see below). Maybe that's why.

InitiationYear *****FirstName,LastName *****Cult Title *****Sex *****PoliticalAffiliation *****OccupationPosition

1994 *****Ciro ,Ferreira Gomes *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M *****VP of the Democratic Labour Party (PDT), Federal Deputy for Cear  (2007?2011) *****Lawyer and politician

2015 *****Ilona Szabo de ,Carvalho *****Young Global Leaders *****F *****UN High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism *****President

2012 *****Denis B.,Minev *****Young Global Leaders *****M *****State Secretary for Planning and Economic Development of Amazonas (2007?2009 ) *****Co-Founder and CFO

1997 *****Marina,Silva *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****F *****Spokesperson for REDE (2015?2018); *****Politician and environmentalist

1999 *****Maria Silvia Bastos,Marques *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****F *****Secretary of Finance, Rio de Janeiro (1993?1996) *****President

2005 *****Gabriel,Chalita *****Young Global Leaders *****M *****Secretary of Education (2015?2016) *****Author and politician

2006 *****Patricia Ellen ,da Silva *****Young Global Leaders *****F *****Secretary of Economic Development *****Politician

2002 *****Humberto Luiz,Ribeiro *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M *****National Secretary of Commerce and Services (SCS) *****Politician

1996 *****Roberto,Egydio Setubal *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M *****IMC (International Monetary Conference) 1997?2000 *****CEO and Vice-Chairman

2006 *****Eduardo,Leite *****Young Global Leaders *****M *****Governor *****Politician

2020 *****Eduardo Figueiredo,Cavalheiro Leite *****Young Global Leaders *****M *****Govenor of Rio Grande South *****Politician

1998 *****Paulo R.,Bornhausen *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M *****Federal Deputy of Santa Catarina *****Politician

1994 *****Emerson,Kapaz *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M *****Federal Deputy of S?o Paulo (1999?2003), PSDB *****Politician

1996 *****Paulo Afonso,Vieira *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Politician

2008 *****Rodrigo,Hber Mendes *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Co-Founder and Director

2013 *****Rodrigo,Teles *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****CEO

2019 *****Joice,Toyota *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Executive Director and Founder

2021 *****Nathalia,Arcuri *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Journalist, Founder and CEO

1998 *****Pedro,Moreira Salles *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Chairman

2012 *****Samuel,Elia *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Programme Officer

2012 *****David,Hertz *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****President and Director

2015 *****Ronaldo,Lemos *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Lawyer and Director

2012 *****Renato D.,Lopes *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Co-Founder and CEO

2009 *****Sandro Jos‚ ,de Souza *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****President

2005 *****Daniela,Mercury *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Singer

2006 *****Jos‚ Jr.,Pereira de Oliveira *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Founder and Coordinator

2013 *****Panmela,Castro *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Artist

1996 *****Maria ,Almeida Braga *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****F ***** *****Founder

2008 *****Andr‚,Esteves *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****CEO

2008 *****Ricardo,Villela Marino *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****XVP, Board member

1993 *****Benjamin,Steinbruch *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Chairman and CEO

1993 *****Cesar,Souza *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Senior Vice-President

1993 *****Ricardo F.,Semler *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****President

1997 *****Patrick, Larragoiti Lucas *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Chairman

1997 *****Paulo S‚rgio C.,Galv?o Filho *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Chairman

1998 *****Gustavo,Franco *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Co-CEO

1999 *****Hor cio,Lafer Piva *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Chairman

1999 *****Salom?o,Ioschpe *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Director of New Business Development

2006 *****Marcelo,Bahia Odebrecht *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****CEO and President

2007 *****Carlos Jr.,Jereissati *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****CEO

2007 *****Renato,Amorim *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Executive Director, Public Policy, Latin America

2009 *****Henrique,Alves Pinto *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Chairman and CEO

2011 *****Wolff,Klabin *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****-

2012 *****Vanessa,Vilela *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Founder

2013 *****Ana Gabriela,Pessoa *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships

2014 *****Leila,Velez *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Founder and Managing Director

2014 *****Tatiana Lacerda,Prazeres *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Adviser to the General Director

1995 *****Carlos,Ghosn *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Former Chairman and CEO

2003 *****Constantino Jr.,de Oliveira *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****President, CEO and Director

1996 *****Ana Maria,Diniz *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****F ***** *****Co-Founder

2001 *****Andr‚,Cunha *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****President

2010 *****Rodrigo,Brito *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****

2021 *****Luiza,Mattos *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Partner and Head of Healthcare South America

2003 *****Antonio,Bonchristiano *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Partner

2007 *****Fernando,Madeira *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****CEO

2014 *****Claudia,Sender Ramirez *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****CEO

2013 *****Cristiano,Cƒmara *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****President and Member of the Board

2014 *****Julia,Bacha *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Filmmaker, Creative Director

2011 *****Teresa,Bo *****Young Global Leaders *****F ***** *****Journalist, Latin America

2001 *****Rodrigo,Baggio *****Global Leaders for Tomorrow *****M ***** *****Executive Director

2009 *****Luke,Dowdney *****Young Global Leaders *****M ***** *****Founder

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I hope Bolsonaro said this out in public and that it has been well spread. He might end up like other less eyed presidents, who refused the jabs and a few months later were all dead, and soon after the jabs were deployed.

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Bolsinaro is the smartest guy in the room!

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Awesome share. I'm glad the "THEY" did not "GET" President Bolsanaro. The "THEY" did Get many African Presidents though, Remember ?.

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Bolsonaro is a true Christian man, keeps living a very simple and humble life style, like before becoming a politician, even now that he is the President of Brazil. he keeps using the same dirty cheap watch from 80´s technology (casio aqua) when travels as president, in Brazil he sleeps and eats in militar quarters to save the hotel/restaurant money. when abroad, he eats in street´s hot dog stands. and makes his staff to save like him, doing the same with him. Many Brazilians, although the huge war waged by the owners of tribunals/deep state bureaucrats/media/"academia"/"artits", keep admiring him and believe he, despite being an politician, actually care about the population they are all supposed to serve.

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