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The criminals who pretend to be rescuing us, are the people who created this virus.

The firefighter is also the arsonist.

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There was no need at all for these so called vaccines. The virus is no worse than a mild flu in most people. Now a billion people on earth have these poisons in their bodies. Some doctors seem to think they can spread the spikes to non jabbed. We will have to wait and see what happens next. In a few generations the world population might not only be decimated but extinct. I am glad I am this old already !

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When we see that SARS-COV-2 infects, damages, and is persistent in immune function cells, we should not be surprised it is inducing immune suppression disease. And apparently, the vaccine induced spike protein does this too, as well as preventing normal immune response to new variants.

The fact that we haven't yet gotten a "mega" variant, an alpha-omega "lethal" strain, may just be dumb luck, or it may actually be "designed in" until another part of the "bioweapon" is administered or perhaps, "triggered" because it has already been administered in the "clot shot."

Let us face it, this thing is a whole lot more complex than just a simple coronavirus, what with the HIV elements, Furin cleavage site, various stereochemistry abnormalities, unusual charge sites, and that is just the virus! It seems more and more is being "learned" about the vaccines, it's components, the effects of various "additives/adjuvants" as well as the mRNA contained within.

You could and probably will go nuts just thinking about the possibilities, particularly since it was targeted at the immune system.

And why did it target the immune system? Not just for Big Pharma profits, although they probably sold it that way, but in preparation for what comes next?

What does come next, something that kills 1/3 of the people on the planet?

Thanks 2SG, for hosting these discussions, and keeping us up to date on this cluster.

You should get recognition for this, but instead, they will probably hunt you down!

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I personally think all of these "COVID" studies are meaningless because they depend on PCR. PCR was originally conceived as a manufacturing technique to replicate a KNOWN strand of DNA. Kary Mullis deserved the Nobel Prize for inventing it. But's application as a viral test is deliberate fraud. PCR works by finding "matches" to a specific "primer" (DNA strand)- if matches are found, then that segment is duplicated per cycle. Sufficient cycles must be run in order to manufacture enough matching DNA to be optically detected. If a "low" number of cycles are enough to detect the DNA, then the "viral load" is assumed to be high. If "high" cycles are needed to detect the DNA, then the viral load must be extremely low and/or the "match" was invalid.

We all know "car" and "care" are different words with very different meanings. We must check every letter to uniquely identify a word. We can't just check for the letter "r" in order to determine if a word is "car". We'd get lots of false positives, if we did that. The viroLIEgists claim the SARS-COV-2 "virus" has 30,000 "letters" (RNA bases). A typical PCR test only checks 50 of those "letters" for a match! If you find a match, you can't assume the rest of the 30,000- 50 letters also match or are even present! You could simply be finding a fragment, not the full "virus". No one has ever purified/isolated the SARS-COV-2 genome so you can't assume the 50-letter fragment (primer) uniquely identifies SARS-COV-2. Antigen and antibody tests are even worse- they don’t directly check for a “virus” like the PCR test- instead, they use proxies and surrogate markers, which are notoriously unreliable. You can argue all of these tests are 100% false positive! It’s like flipping a coin 3 times and saying you’re infected if you get 3 heads in a row. There’s ZERO correlation between a “positive” result and being “infected”!

No infectious virus has ever been purified (isolated) and they literally just make up the genomes out of viral-like fragments, using computer models. (They never find a fully intact “virus”- with the exception of bacteriophages- only fragments!) All virus genomes are SWAGs (scientific wild-ass guesses). Some people may still want to insist infectious viruses are real BUT they must also concede the virus tests are meaningless; the virus genomes are FAKE and all so-called vaccines are worthless.


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