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13,133% increase since 1990 is a huge frightening VAERS number.

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Equally frightening is the vaccine caused epidemic since mid 1980's of childhood asthma, autism, cancer etc . The numbers are staggering and horrific.

My point is :

Those who claim they are "not anti-vax but against mandatory experimental covid jabs " must know that all vaccines, not just some are designed specifically as bioweapons.

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Each of those numbers is senseless suffering. Heart numbing.

I have shared some of the statistics and the reply is that the numbers don’t mean anything because the percentage of people dying is low and the death count is high due to the large number of vaccines administered. I disagree because most American children have had shots but I have not run the numbers myself and my little chart would look wonky compared to Jessica’s!!! I do think contrasting deaths of specific vaccines with the death count of the injected experimental gene ‘therapies’ would be powerful. These are not your mom’s measles jab.

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cdc: what signal?

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